Choosing The Right Moving Truck With Rental Companies


Shifting into a new place requires a moving truck to bring all your possessions. Its size is essential, whether big or small, to better pack your things inside the truck. This demands a cost where small trucks are more affordable than larger ones. Here are ways on how to manage your budget in renting a truck for your move. And for a reliable one way truck rental service, click the link. 

Finding The Right Moving Truck Size  

Picking the right moving truck size begins with knowing your storage capacity needs. Start by packing all your stuff to easily calculate what ideal truck size will suit your belongings.

Trucks vary from a small, medium, and large sizes depending on your load size. There are recommended truck sizes that will suit different home sizes. For example, a 3-room house would require medium-size trucks to gather an amount of stuff.

Below are added tips to rent the perfect truck for your next move:

Online Moving Calculator

This instrument is also called volume estimation tool that will help cargo needs. It is done by filling out the provided form online with the particular items you are shipping. The result is a rough approximation of your shipment’s volume in cubic feet measurement that comes out quickly. With the volume estimator, you will be able to determine what size of truck will pick up your belongings.

Renting companies usually provide the truck’s cubic footage capacity to prevent any guesswork among homeowners. It is more advisable to pay for trucks that can hold extra stuff than your expected load.

In calculating your truck size, you may consider the following factors:

  • Number of rooms
  • Number of boxes to be shipped
  • Determine bulky furniture that requires special treatment
  • Distance of travel

Cost of Moving Trucks

The price of moving trucks fluctuates from company to company due to several factors, such as distance and truck size.

One-way trips will cost more compared to local travels with thousands of differences. The truck size also affects the overall cost of your moving out to be identified by simply looking at the home size.

Besides, homeowners can precisely get the price of the moving truck upon booking.

Some other expenses can add up to your moving truck fees, including:

  • Insurance
  • Packing supplies
  • Towing equipment
  • Gas
  • Mileage fees
  • Taxes

Types of Moving Trucks

After recognizing the best way to rent a moving truck that will suit your needs, here is a list of trucks to choose from. Do not be confused about each truck size that may be unlike different companies.

Box Trucks

This type of truck is not made for lesser loads for it could be more than enough. It is available in small, medium, to large sizes and suitable for local moves only. Each truck size has its own requirements for how to pack stuff, like keeping fragile things safer. The expert movers already know how things will work out.

Additionally, box trucks are commonly used by movers through time, regardless of its price. Comparing it with container-style moving vehicles makes box trucks a lot cheaper in the long-run.  

Larger box trucks will accompany a 3 to 5 bedroom home. They can handle heavier electronics on a one-way trip.

Pick-up Trucks

These are smaller trucks as an alternative to a box truck rental companies. Pick-up trucks are also cheaper that can carry less bulky pieces of stuff into a new home. If a full-service move would be too much for you, then a pick-up moving truck is the best option.

They can also transport small furniture such as chairs and tables, and other home improvement projects stuff.

Tilt-Tray Slide Trucks

Loading and unloading oversized equipment is easier with slide trucks. It can load up to 10-tons with experts handling your belongings with care. Slide trucks also hold shipping containers with a safer transport process from start to finish. It will tilt at a minimum angle to easily load and unload things.

Side Loaders

Side loaders are highly versatile trucks that meet transportation standards. It is built with crane arms used to load and unload cargo up to 30-tons. There is no need for additional loading equipment making it more cost-effective.

Low Loaders

It is also called drop deck trucks that transport tall machinery in full loads. The truck ensures superior stability of your stuff while in transit. It operates both locally and interstate of moving massive loads.

Crane Trucks

Crane trucks are perfect for lifting equipment to higher floor locations with the help of qualified truck drivers. It carries a wide range of equipment and machinery with proper care up to finishing the transport job.

How to pack stuff efficiently?

How you pack stuff will determine your truck size needs. To mention some tips and tricks in storing up your things include:

  • Decluttering or throwing away unimportant things
  • Use the right packing supplies, either small or large  boxes
  • Be organized by preparing a checklist of items to be packed
  • Learn about the packing hacks that will maximize storage space
  • Ask for help to finish the packing process shortly

Transport Company in Perth We Recommend

The Reef Group can provide the right moving truck size for your packing needs. They offer transport services across Perth, whether commercial or residential. Your belongings are surely in good hands going into your new location. The company’s drivers are highly qualified in putting safety as their top priority in transporting your stuff.

Give them a call to obtain a quote for your moving needs. 

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