Choosing the Right Cottage Property for Your Family


If you’re looking for the perfect cottage property for your family, you should consider various things like location, price, amenities, and safety. In this article, we’ll talk about the important considerations you should have before renting or buying a cottage. Read on!

Find the Perfect Location

Beautiful and scenic family holiday cottages are fantastic. But as with any other property, location is everything. Some luxurious cottages are secluded in rural locations, while others sit by the seaside or in town centers.

If you want to take your family out on trips to zoos, parks, and other such places, choose a cottage near these places. Research your options and consider each of your family members’ needs.

Consider the Amenities

Apart from theme parks and nice places, what other amenities does your family need? If you have a baby, find a cottage with baby-friendly amenities. If you have grandparents staying with you, consider their needs carefully, especially those with special conditions or mobility problems.

Check where the hospitals, restaurants, grocery shops, and other important locations are. Staying with your family means a greater need for these amenities. Find a good realtor and view their listings to find the right cottage for you.

Cottage Size

Cottage size matters, especially if you have a couple or more kids. Determine whether or not they’re willing to share bedrooms when staying in the cottage. Check the garden space — it should be big enough for the children to run around.

Moreover, the cottage size will also determine whether you’ll spend more time inside or outside the property. During bad weather conditions, you’ll want a cottage with enough space for all of your members to relax unbothered.

Estimate Your Budget

Cottage costs vary greatly, depending on the property features you want. Most of the time, your budget will dictate the type of cottage you’ll have and the features you’ll get. However, with enough research and budgeting, you can find cottages that may fit your budget.

You can also opt for cottages that offer flexible financing and mortgage terms. If you’re looking for a rental one, search for cottages with discounts. A pro tip: book early. Booking during the peak holiday season is often more expensive than during other times of the year.

Avoid Obvious Hazards

If you have kids, their safety is one of your topmost priorities. You should avoid open-air pools or clifftop locations, along with other locations that may not be safe for kids. Research cottages that are kid-friendly.

Choosing a cottage that’s suitable for kids and 100% safe will let you enjoy your stay even more. You can focus more on unwinding.

Commute Options

Make sure that the cottage is within driving distance from your home or other key locations. If you’re using public transportation, find a cottage near a bus or train station. If you’re using ride-hailing apps, your wifi and mobile data services should be reliable.

Meanwhile, if the cottage is far away enough that you need to fly to get there, it should be near an airport. Choosing a commute-friendly cottage lets you rest assured that you can leave easily if something comes up or for whatever reason.

For Renters: Read Reviews

If you plan to rent a cottage, your research should revolve around the experiences of the first families that have stayed on the property. Previous guests are often willing to provide helpful insights into the quality of the property, the surrounding area, and whether or not it’s truly safe. Nowadays, rental agencies are also willing to take customers on a virtual tour to help them get a better feel of the cottage and the area before visiting.

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