Choosing The Right Brightness For Your Led Strip Lights

The measurement of the brightness and illumination of light is done in lumens. When there are more lumens present, then the output of the LED strip lights will be more. So, it can be said that the illumination of the LED strip lights is directly proportional to the number of present lumens. When you are thinking about the brightness of your LED strip lights, it will depend on several different factors. One of the factors can be the size of your room. If the size of the room is more extensive, you will require more lumens so that you can adequately illuminate your space.

In this article, we will discuss how you can choose the correct brightness for your LED strip lighting.

Floor Lights

The number of lumens you will require for floor lights is 20 lumens per square foot.


If you are looking forward to illuminating the tables and countertops in the room, you will need 30 lumens per square foot.


If you are a reader who is looking forward to getting enough lightning in the room for study purposes, then you will require 50 lumens per square foot. It is imperative to have the appropriate amount of lightning in your room when you have to read and study. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for your eyes and put a lot of pressure on your eyes. So, make sure that there are at least 50 lumens available per square foot when looking forward to enough illumination to read.


You can combine the level of lightning in a room for different areas when the purpose is other. According to the calculation, if you have a space of 300 square feet, you will need 6000 lumens for that home. But if you place a five by three desk in the corner of the room, you will require 750 additional lumens because of the desk because it will add 15 square feet. After making this combination calculation, you can easily find the amount of brightness you need in a room to see appropriately.

Dark Walls

If the wall and paint colour of your room are darker, then it means that you are going to require more lumens to illuminate the room properly.

Dim Or Lighter

When it comes to lightning up the room, you can do that according to your personal preference. If you prefer them lightning, you might require fewer lumens, as we have discussed above. You can experiment and find out what works the best for you, and if you do not want to do that, you can follow the calculations that we have discussed above for you. If you like more light, you can increase the additional number of lumens by up to 20%.


You can include highlights in certain areas of your home, and it can also increase the number of lumens you will get in a room per square foot. These highlights can bring out the areas of your home and draw attention to specific objects.