Choosing an Ergonomic Drag Clicking Mouse


Whenever you’re using a computer or laptop for your classes or working from home for a prolonged time, you are probably feeling some pain in your hands, especially your wrist and your shoulder. This is because your hand also gets strained, especially with the amount of time you use it daily. 

Perhaps, you are wondering how to prevent the pain and the strain from occurring. The ideal thing you must do is invest in a mouse that provides high-quality comfort. A mouse like this is called an ergonomic mouse. 

You have a load of options when choosing an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse. This is why choosing the best, and the right ergonomic drag-clicking mouse might seem like a difficult task for you. However, it is normal since even seasoned PC builders still do not find it easy to look for the best high-quality ergonomic drag-clicking mouse. 

One reason for this is that not all mice have that drag-clicking capability. It is a specialized feature that is not available to all mice. This means that not all gaming mice or ergonomic mice have that drag-clicking ability.  

To determine whether a mouse is for drag-clicking, you must consider if it can handle multiple clicks at a time and if it has a high click per second (CPS) metric. Aside from that, you must also consider the comfort it brings you since you want to go for an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse, so comfort is a must. 

You have many options available in the market, and it may seem too difficult to choose from all of them. Some ergonomic drag-clicking mice may not look very similar to your usual mouse, and you might be puzzled at first. However, do not stress because the important thing to remember is that you must choose one that gives you comfort at all times. A good ergonomic drag-clicking mouse will not give you pain or discomfort even though you change your posture while working. 

So to help you and to help lessen your burden, here are some guides and a list of things to consider when choosing an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse. 


a vertical mouse

Ergonomic mice come in different shapes and sizes. You may choose a large vertical ergonomic mouse or your usual-sized mouse – it depends on your personal preference. However, the shape of your mouse is one point to consider when you want to have an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse, as it really helps when you drag-click. So you may choose a mouse with flat clicks so that you will not find it difficult to drag your fingers across the mouse when drag-clicking. 

Aside from that, it is also important to purchase an ergonomic mouse that you can use with both hands. This allows you to use both your right and left hands to avoid putting too much strain on only one hand. This is also essential, especially when suffering from injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


For an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse, you must choose a mouse with palm grips. It is ideal for performing drag-clicking with a palm grip mouse because it may feel uncomfortable when doing it with a mouse that has a claw or fingertip grip. Since you are going for an ergonomic mouse, discomfort must be out on the list. Without a palm grip, you might not be able to perform drag-clicking. 

Debounce Delay

If you want to perform excellent drag-clicking, you must purchase a mouse with a low debounce delay. A debounce delay is the time your clicks take to go back to their original position after you press them. A good drag-clicking mouse help minimize the click’s debounce delay. 

Wireless Mouse

desk with a laptop, phone, camera, headphones, and a wireless mouse

A wireless mouse is a huge advantage since it helps you use your mouse at any position or posture. One issue when using a mouse, especially the wired one, is the shoulder pain you experience since the USB cable limits your movements. With a wireless ergonomic drag-clicking mouse, you can easily change positions from your computer desk to your bed and move from left to right when working. Remember that using your mouse closer to your body will significantly reduce the load and the pain your shoulders carry. 


Bulky mouse

If your work or activity requires you to have accurate cursor movements, you must purchase an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse that does not occupy your whole hand. A big ergonomic mouse is excellent as hand support, especially when you do not need a lot of cursor movements. However, if you need to move your mouse most of the time, then an ergonomic drag-clicking mouse in just the right size is ideal. 

A mouse that does not fill your hands allows you to maneuver the mouse as much as you like. This would help you control your cursor better and provide you with a more accurate cursor movement. If you have a large mouse that occupies your hand, then the fingers and your hand cannot move accurately and would limit the movement of your cursor. This will push the movement to your shoulder and eventually strain it, causing pain and discomfort while working, which is not exactly what we’re going for. 


Some ergonomic mice prevent you from lifting them easily and would require repetitive gripping movements before lifting them. However, with the nature of your work, having an easily-lifted ergonomic drag-clicking mouse is a must. This would help increase your productivity since it allows you to move freely and reposition your cursor easily. 

Neutral Position of the Hands

An excellent ergonomic mouse will allow you to rest your hand in a neutral position. If your hand is in this posture, it means it is in the position of function. The position of function is where the muscles and tendons on your hands feel only the slightest amount of tension. 

Putting your hand in the neutral position helps it rest and avoid strain and discomfort. Aside from that, it also helps in accurate cursor movements. Some vertical ergonomic mice set the hands in too much vertical position, reducing their ability to move freely and have a precise cursor movement. 

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