20 Questions to Ask When Hiring Masonry Services

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When it comes to masonry work, whether it’s building a new brick wall, repairing historical stonework, or creating a bespoke patio, the quality of the craftsmanship is as important as the materials used. Masonry, an art that combines skill, precision, and an understanding of architectural beauty, can dramatically enhance the aesthetic and … Read more

Demystifying Tuckpointing: What Every Homeowner Should Know

a woman performing tuckpointing on a red brick wall

If you stroll through historic downtown areas, you’ll often find charming old brick buildings that have been around for a century or even more. These buildings, including commercial ones like courthouses, libraries, churches, hospitals, and even jails, are often made of bricks or stone masonry. But as the years go by, the … Read more

What are the Essential Tools for Masonry?

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Masonry, an age-old building method dating back to the days of ancient Egypt, relies on basic materials like stones and metal shaping tools. This construction method is used for constructing walls, floors, decorations, and more. It involves assembling materials like stones, concrete blocks, bricks, and various types of rocks. Whether you’re planning … Read more

What are the Different Materials Used for Masonry?

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Masonry is a construction method where materials like bricks, stone blocks, or concrete blocks are stacked on top of each other to create structures or walls. Masons use mortar, an adhesive paste, to fill gaps and bind the materials together. It’s commonly used for building foundations, walls, columns, and similar structural components … Read more

Common Masonry Issues and How to Fix Them

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Masonry is known for its durability, something even ancient archaeologists can attest to. It can stand the test of time with ease. However, even masonry encounters common issues occasionally. Fortunately, these problems don’t suddenly lead to disasters overnight. But, over time, they can take a toll on your masonry’s appearance and structural … Read more

The Different Types of Masonry Walls

a worker building masonry house wall with bricks

Masonry walls are sturdy walls used in construction. They are the most challenging part of any building or structure. Masonry walls can be made from materials like bricks, stones, tiles, ceramic blocks, adobe, or glass blocks that are bonded together by mortar (not the same as cement mix). Mortar is a mix … Read more

What is Masonry?

a bricklayer using trowel to build brick wall

For hundreds of years, masonry has been used as a reliable form of construction. Think about the pyramids, Roman ruins, and the Great Wall of China – these are all ancient marvels of masonry. Sure, things have changed a bit with technology, but masonry still holds its own. Nowadays, it is still … Read more

What are Masonry Chimneys?

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Chimneys made of masonry are fundamental structural and functional elements that can be found in a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, and industrial structures. These buildings act as conduits for the secure and effective removal of combustion byproducts, such as smoke, gases, and particles, which are generated by a variety … Read more