5 Ways To Clean Carpet the Right Way

5 Ways To Clean Carpet the Right Way

Cleaning your carpet is one of the most important things you can do for your home. Not only does it keep the area looking pristine and fresh, but it also prolongs its life span by keeping out dust and allergens that can cause allergies in humans. Carpet cleaning can be messy, but … Read more

How to get those gritty black stains off my bathtub?


The prospect of taking a bath in a filthy tub is unappealing to absolutely no one. Mold and bacteria can grow on the walls of your bathtub if they are constantly exposed to moisture. This can result in a mess that is not only unpleasant to look at but also unhealthy. The … Read more

Grout Application and Cleaning 101

Grout Application and Cleaning 101

Grout is a substance used in construction to fill in gaps between tiles. It is usually made of cement, sand, and water. Sometimes other materials such as latex or epoxy are added to give it different properties. Grout is often applied using a trowel and must be allowed to set before you … Read more

Lightweight Garden Hoses

mom and daughter watering the plants together

If you enjoy gardening, this is the place to be; you need to consider a few things when purchasing a lightweight garden hose. The best characteristic is right there in the name: it’s light. It’s easy to carry for you and your kids, and you’ll have a great time gardening with them. We have … Read more

How to Clean Your Tapestries

How to Clean Your Tapestries

Tapestries were largely popular during medieval times. It was used as insulation for castles and large stone churches to keep the interiors warm, particularly during cold seasons. It served as shrouds to bury their dead and as wall coverings for buildings and temples. They came to aristocratic homes in the 18th century … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean During a Major Home Renovation

A room with plaster on the walls

Remodeling your home can generate a lot of dirt, dust, and mess in the process. Dirt and debris from construction can make their way to even the smallest nook and crannies, covering your floors and even entering your drawers and cabinets. Even a simple renovation job like painting the walls can leave … Read more

Should You Try Pressure Washing? The Pros and Cons

A woman pressure washing a car

If you’re looking to get your house or driveway incredibly clean, then you may want to look into pressure washing your property. This cleaning method is fast and efficient at getting things clean. A pressure washer uses pressure to push water out of a hose with a nozzle using a large force. … Read more

How to Start a Pressure Washing Business

A pressure washing van and equipment outside a house

Starting a pressure washing business  or a cleaning company, generally, almost never goes wrong. It doesn’t need a lot of certification, the operational costs are low, and the upfront entry costs are relatively low. You can always start with a small budget and expand over time. But it’s easy to turn a … Read more