How To Keep Your House Clean With Pet Birds & Parrots

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Understandably, one thing that holds a lot of potential pet owners back is how much mess a pet can create at home. Many pets need house training and pet birds and parrots are no exception. Although they can be trained, not all pet birds are tidy roommates. If you already own a … Read more

6 Reasons Why a Therapy Dog Will Complement Your Home

6 Reasons Why a Therapy Dog Will Complement Your Home

Animal-assisted therapy, or ‘pet therapy’, has become a popular approach among mental health specialists and counselors. It’s an approach that uses animals, mostly dogs, for providing support for people suffering from both physical and mental health problems. They are also called ‘emotional support pets’ because of their calming and therapeutic effect. They … Read more

Best Kid-Friendly Aquarium Fish

Best Kid-Friendly Aquarium Fish

Seeing the kids playing with electronic gadgets is no longer a rare sight. Although it is not possible to keep the children away from those devices, some things can be done to reduce the time they spend on the screen. And introducing them to fish-keeping is a wonderful idea. Why fish keeping? … Read more

How to keep fish tank clean

Having an aquarium requires a lot of care that is often overlooked, especially regarding cleanliness. In general, cleaning is recommended, but different factors may influence the frequency, essentially the size of the aquarium, fish tank filter you are using and the species you are keeping. It is essential to be careful about … Read more

What to do about Pet Stains on your Carpet

If you have a pet, it is only a matter of time before Fido tinkles on your carpet or Kitty coughs up a hairball on your rug. No matter how well you train your pets, accidents happen. But if you don’t clean up the accident right away, you could be left with … Read more

How to Choose a Dog Crate: An Ultimate Guide

The dog crate market is awash with countless crate designs shapes and price tags. An avid dog lover willalways look forwardto purchasing a comfortable crate that the dog will appreciate. Before you contemplate on bringing in that Mastiff or Cocker Spaniel home, you need to know the perfect crate let alone the … Read more

6 Crucial Tips For First-Time Cat Owners

Feline friends make great roommates as they are super tidy, great listeners and generally has no interest in the remote. However, cats do necessitate preparations, unique supplies, and long-term considerations. 1. Doing Research When you adopt a cat, it’s almost like dating. There is an ideal match out there for all of … Read more

Ways You Can Treat Your Cat

If you own a cat, you know that they are low-maintenance and can be great companions. Cats don’t seek attention every time like dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated right. Cats will not ask for much and not a lot is expected from you in return. There … Read more