How Did We Ever Live Without the Internet?

How Did We Ever Live Without the Internet?

These days, it’s hard for many of us to survive a day without the Internet. We wake up with a suddenly empty mind, and instinctively, we reach out for our smartphones to check our email or our latest Facebook notification. We have the “need” to be constantly connected and to fill up … Read more

Interesting Facts about Family Life in America

Interesting Facts about Family Life in America

  A family is a bond almost everyone on earth shares, but its cultures and patterns differ from every country. For the United States, the families have been more diverse and more baffling than ever. The so-called traditional family structure was prevalent in the 1950s, where the majority of families have two … Read more

Introduction to Prepping

piggy bank

Prepping, or preparing for an emergency or apocalypse, has become a popular pastime, and is quite in vogue. So what, exactly, is prepping? A basic definition of prepping would be “wishing for the best, but preparing for the worst.” Because there are so many things that can happen, ranging from fires, floods, … Read more

Cremation and Ash Scattering Aren’t Right for Every Family

Cremation and Ash Scattering Aren't Right for Every Family

Cremation and the following ash scattering ceremonies are becoming more popular, especially in the United States. However, they still aren’t always the best choice for everyone who’s lost a loved one. Admittedly, such practices have increasingly become a viable choice, especially for those who prefer a less traditional burial platform, and want … Read more

Genealogy – Learn About Your Family’s History

Genealogy Learn About Your Family's History

Why is Learning about My Family History Important? All of the families have their own historical past. You might want to discover your family’s genealogy, which is essentially the story of what has brought you here in this world at present. Through this endeavor, you will learn more about yourself and life … Read more

Military Memorial Service Traditions

Military Memorial Service Traditions

A military burial is a memorial rite by the US military for a soldier, sailor, Marine or air officer. They are provided for those who either died in action or anyone who was honorably discharged. A retired veteran or a prominent military figure, president, or a statesman may also be honored with … Read more

Honoring Your Loved One’s Memory

Loved One's Memory

When a loved one dies, keeping their memory alive is a way of giving them a tribute as well as a way for us to cope with the pain of loss. Grieving for a loved one may be a long process, and every person will have different ways to deal with the … Read more

Getting Through the First Months After a Loved One Passes

grief after a loved one has died

Grief after a loved one has died… Grief is a feeling that you shouldn’t be ashamed of when you’ve just lost a loved one. After all, your world will be gloomy all of a sudden when the love your life is gone. You will find that it’s really hard to cope with … Read more