Cash Home Buyers – Are They A Good Way To Sell Your House?


Selling your home to a cash home buyer has multiple distinct advantages that you will not get when selling through a real estate agent.

In this article, we explore eight of the key benefits of selling to a cash home buyer in detail.

Easy Transaction

You’ll almost probably need to buy and relocate into another home if you’re selling your current one. Transactions with cash home buyers are very simple. If you invite a cash home buyer to inspect your property, they will come and have a look, and if the property meets their criteria they will make you an offer. The best price for your property might be obtained if you sell it right away to cash home buyers in Dallas. They are buyers who can buy your house without requiring any repairs, a real estate agent, or any other expenses or hassles!

From there it is simply up for you to either accept the offer or not and that is the end of the process.

Less Likely to Fall Through

House sale transactions with cash home buyers are a lot less likely to fall through. In a traditional sale process, it could be that the person who is wanting to purchase your house, is also trying to sell their own house to release funds to purchase your house.

It could also be that the person who is purchasing the house of the person who is wanting to purchase your house, is also needing to sell their house in order to close that deal.

This can create a whole chain of transactions that need to be completed successfully in order for the sale of your home to go through successfully. This creates multiple variables, that are out of your control, that could impact the success of your sale contract.

However, when you deal with a cash buyer you are dealing with a single party, who is guaranteed to have the funds to purchase your house and can do so almost as soon as you agree.

If a cash home buyer has visited your house and presented you with an offer on your house, there is almost nothing that can go wrong from the cash buyer’s point of view to make the sale fall through.

Quick Sale

Because cash buyers are not waiting on any loan approvals to access funds to purchase your house, they are able to close the deal a lot quicker than many other potential buyers. So if you are in a hurry and need to close on your house quite quickly, the ability of cash buyers to make the settlement process very quick can be a very positive characteristic of the deal.

For example, guarantees to submit an offer within 24 hours of their property assessment.

Simple Process

Though real estate agents do most of the work in a traditional selling process, there are still a lot of different things that need to be done throughout the selling process.

There could be a need for open inspections, private inspections, and valuations, all of which require significant preparation to make sure your house is presented in a way to maximize its sellability.

Cover All the Selling Costs

When you sell a home, there are many costs associated with selling a home that can reduce the amount of money that you get once the sale has been finalized and all the transactions have been completed.

However, when dealing with a cash home buyer they often give you a guaranteed price regardless of all costs so you know exactly how much you are going to get.

Sell Your House As Is – No Need To Fix

If a cash home buyer visits your house and makes an offer, they are committing to buying it exactly as it is. So if your house is in need of minor repair, or improvement, there is no need for you to fix your house prior to a sale being completed.

No Appraisal Necessary

In a traditional selling process, your house will need to be appraised, primarily to help any lenders that are involved get a realistic estimation of the house’s market value.

Cash home buyers do not require, or request a formal appraisal, as they make their own determination of what they are prepared to pay for the house. You then have the choice to either accept the appraisal they arrive at, and the resultant offer they make, or not.

House Can Be Empty Or Full

Making your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers can involve a significant interior design effort. Some sellers are encouraged to decrease the amount of furniture in the house, get rid of excess possessions, and sometimes rent special furniture for their house.

If you conduct a transaction with a cash home buyer, it does not matter what furniture you have in your house, or if you have any furniture in your house at all. A cash home buyer will be able to determine the value that they see in your property regardless of furniture being present or not, and present you with the offer that they deem fair.

Though selling your house to a cash home buyer may not be ideal in every situation, it is clear that these transactions do have some distinct advantages over other selling methods. It is always worth considering, even if you ultimately decide to sell your home through a traditional real estate agent. You have nothing to lose by having a conversation with a cash home buyer about the value they see in your home.

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