Can you open a casino in your own home?

Gambling has been enjoyed by people for longer than you may imagine. There are ancient scrolls and scriptures depicting games played by the Kings of India involving dice and the winning of valuable prizes. In ancient China there is evidence of gambling going back to 1900BC.

Gambling is an enjoyable pastime for the most part. If you are losing then it can definitely lose it’s attraction and the saying ‘the house always wins’ exists for a reason. You may have heard of house edge. This is the percentage of profit that the casino is assured to receive back over a period of time. Note the word ‘assured’. The house really does always win.

So if it is such a great way of making money then why don’t more people open their own casinos?

Expense and investment

One reason that more people don’t open casinos is that they are enormously expensive to build and develop. You would need millions of dollars just for the construction or purchase of a site but for the equipment too. One thing you may not know is that you will also have to keep enough money in reserve at all times to cover every possible prize that is on public display. That’s right. More millions of dollars. The other reason is that not all states or indeed countries allow casinos. There are only 24 states allowing brick and mortar casinos in the US and countries like Thailand don’t allow any at all. Laos has casinos but the local people are not allowed in. You see the law varies wildly around the world.

So how about you just use your own house for a casino?

No problem, just run an underground casino and watch the cash come in. Actually, don’t do that or you might end up in prison for a couple of decades. Firstly, you would again have to look at the local gambling regulations. It may be that you can open a casino but only for charity or maybe your state will allow you to open a gambling establishment but for only certain events such as horse race betting. If you want a more comfortable online casino payment system, the best option is to consider kasyno internetowe blik.

Assuming you live somewhere with gambling laws that allow you to open your house to the public the next thing will be to get a gambling licence or you can employ someone else to run the casino.


Choosing the right games

Now the legalities have been settled. That was easy wasn’t it? You will now have to select which games are right for your home casino. You will likely have to make some kind of modifications to your home or at the very least remove all furniture. You will want at least to have the main table games and some slots. Perhaps one room could be a dedicated poker room and in a larger room you could have craps, roulette and blackjack. The garage can be turned into a room with a line of slots down one side or both if it is large enough. You will want popular slots and maybe video poker too without these people can just stay home and play maszyny online instead.

If finances are not great it may be possible to lease the machines before investing your takings into purchasing your own. This way you can also see if the games are popular and if not switch them out for new ones.

Altering the house

Not only do you need to use some of the rooms for roulette and all the other games but you will have to consider the following; you need a secure cashier’s area, a kitchen still if you are going to have some form of food or snacks and a bar with room for a bartender. No matter how small your operation you are going to need some staff.

Staffing the house

You might want to be the floor manager so that is going to leave several spots available for recruitment. Your staff may need to be licensed depending on which job they are doing but you will need dealers/croupiers, bar staff, cook, servers, cashier and security.

Security for the casino

Getting security on the door is essential. A small casino could be a target for robbers and even if that (hopefully) never happens there is the risk of an angry drunk customer who just lost his money turning nasty. You will need cameras and the cashier area must be secure. You are likely going to want to turn one of the bedrooms upstairs into a secure office with safe and security monitors. While you are thinking about upstairs you are going to have to consider the bathroom facilities. Does you house only have one bathroom upstairs or one downstairs too? How are you going to have separate facilities for male and females?

Cash flow

You need to keep a substantial amount of cash on site at all times (remember security?) as the Gambling Board of Control requires casinos to hold enough cash to cover the eventuality of every prize that is publicly displayed having to be paid out. In the rather unfortunate event of someone breaking the house you better have the money available or things could be very unpleasant. While you ponder this also consider your betting limits. This can help stop any colossal payouts that could break you.

Keep the books

Make sure all the cash is accounted for not only for your records but for tax purposes. ou may need an accountant to go over your books regularly to make sure everything is in order. You also need this to see if your casino is actually making a profit.

Alcohol licensing

You will no doubt want to serve alcohol as this is also a great way of keeping players in their seats gambling but you will need to remember to apply for a liquor licence for this too. Vegas gives away drinks to gamblers as they know that those people are more likely to stay and continue putting chips down or money in the slots. You want to have all the features of a real live casino to entice people in.

Age restriction

Make sure as part of your research you find out how old it is in your area to enter a casino and that anyone entering has a valid ID that is checked on arrival.