Can You Make Money Selling A Damaged Car For Cash?


Do you have a damaged car that you want to sell? While many people are eager to buy a used car, they don’t want the hassle of fixing it up, so the majority of cars are sold as-is. If your car has been involved in an accident and is beyond repair, the best option for you might be selling it to a place that pays cash for junk cars in Portland.

What Is Salvage Value?

Salvage value is the price that you can sell a damaged car for. This is typically lower than the blue book value of your car. While this may be discouraging to some, it also opens up a lot of potential buyers to you. Let’s say that you have a scratched-up car that hasn’t been driven in a while and you want to get rid of it.

The blue book value for this car is $1000. But, your car might only have a salvage value of $700. This means that you can sell it to someone for a lot less than what you can get for it by selling it as-is.

Are There Any Real Ways to Post?

Posting your damaged car for sale can be a painful process. While some might do this right off the bat, most people will need to get used to this concept first before they are able to make any money. Some people may not have the patience, but if you are willing to learn what it takes to sell your car for scrap, then you will be able to make money doing this.

Sites like Craigslist are some of the best places for you to start with. Find a forum or two that post ads for people who want to buy damaged cars and use that as a starting point. There are also other sites that have some decent moneymaking options for you. Of course, you will need to do your research on these sites before using them to post your car for sale.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Damaged Car?

Selling a junk car can be difficult, but the process is not impossible. If you have some space in your driveway and enough original parts for a repair or are willing to wait until you find one, there is hope for you yet. If you have a car that is worth just the metal value of the body and chassis, you could sell it to a recycler.

There is no longer good reason to let your car sit idle and rust away. Sure, scrap metal is not a long-term investment in any financial sense, but if you have a car that is no longer worth repairing or giving up, there are many people that will buy it off of you for the scrap. This is a great idea if you’re just looking for a way to get some extra money – the buyer will be happy to take it off of your hands and will happily pay you for it as well.

Is it Better to Scrap a Car or Sell it?

The decision to scrap or sell a car is typically dependent on the automobile’s value. If the car you own has depreciated in value, it’s probably not worth the cost of selling it as there will be many buyers and not enough sellers.

As a result, you may want to scrap the vehicle. You can sell the scrap metal for cash and use this money to purchase another vehicle. A car with a lot of body damage will be more difficult to sell as it’s likely in need of repairs. It may also be difficult for a buyer to purchase if the car is unregistered and there are no driver’s side airbags.

How can I Scrap my Car for the Most Money?

If you’re considering scrapping your car due to the cost of repairs and maintenance, it’s worth knowing how much money you can get for it. First, you will need to find out if your car is worth more than what it’s currently worth.

To do this, you will need to find out the condition of the car and see how much is your deductible for donating a vehicle. You will also have to know what they are looking for in the scrap metal market and how much your car weighs. You might also want to do some research on what companies specialize in accepting scrap cars.


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