Can I replace my garage door myself?


For all of us watching DIY videos, you might think replacing a garage door is a task we should handle ourselves. I mean, how hard is replacing a garage door? However, there are many steps to changing a door, and it’s not just screwing a few hinges and getting the job done.

Loose doors

Living in an area with extreme weather conditions is likely to affect your garage door. The hinges and bolts often become loose or even expand. Therefore, you will need to tighten them to put them back in place, which seems simple enough. However, doing this procedure wrong could lead to extensive work in the long run. If you overtighten, under-tighten, or replace with the wrong length screws, you could damage the door.

Oil the Garage Door

You may be hearing creaking when you open and close the door. The noise is very off-putting and a constant reminder that something is wrong with the door. If you locate where the door requires greasing, a bit of lubricant, and your door is ready to be up and running in no time at all. Remember to ask the clerk before purchasing, so that you have the right grease to suit your door.

Operating Your Garage Door

A quick fix is as easy as changing the batteries in the remote control. Sometimes, it’s that simple as to why the door won’t open. Inspect the remote control for any dirt between the buttons or on the sensor. Any debris affects how the door functions. You should also check out the sensor with which the remote communicates. Thereby you can ensure it’s free of dirt and it’s in the same place as it was.

Calling a Professional

When you’ve tried all the above, and the problem seems more complicated, it’s time to consider calling out a professional. You may be thinking I handled the first three tasks why can’t I do the rest? You have to understand the garage door is a lot heavier than it looks, and that already is a sign of danger. One mistake with the garage door and, it falls injuring you or anyone helping you. The springs are very tricky to work with, and the tension has to be exactly right. If you don’t know how to fit them correctly, you could harm the door or worse yourself. The door has many components that assist in opening and closing the door. If one of those parts is misaligned, you might be causing more harm than good.

Look for any dirt, stones, or anything trapped which causes the door to come off track. Re-aligning is not something you should attempt, as one wrong move could cause the garage door to come crashing down. In this case, there is not enough time for you to move out the way.

The garage door doesn’t allow for much time and error. You may be thinking you want to save money by doing it yourself. However, you think you’ve fixed the problem only to find yourself with more issues. If you are not 100% sure about taking on the task calling J&S Overhead Garage Door Service should be your first point of call. With years of experience in the field, your garage door can be fixed or replaced in no time at all. Calling a professional allows you to know your door is safe and meets security standards.


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