Can Clean Houses Get Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are one of the homeowners’ biggest fears. These little insects can come in and seemingly ruin a home without much warning or much you can do to stop them.  Although there’s no way to prevent bed bugs besides never going outside or letting anyone else inside your home: there are some things you can do to set the odds better in your favor.

Clean houses can still get bed bugs.

Still, there are advantages that clean homes have that can help keep the outbreak from ruining your house.  Here’s how a clean home can help keep the bugs at bay.

Less Clutter To Hide Under

Bed bugs like to find items they can hide under when a room has lights or daylight coming in through a window.  Unfortunately, that means that any clutter you have in the room will become a safe spot for them.  People who keep clean homes give them the perk of having fewer hideaways for these bugs.

This problem can be worsened by those who keep fabric bins or soft luggage under their bed.  Insects can use these as a refuge when the homeowner is cleaning and will return to the mattress soon after.  

Frequently Cleaned Sheets May Grab Bugs

There are just a few things that can kill bed bugs without chemicals.  One of those things is heat.  Homeowners who wash their sheets at least once a week benefit from possibly scooping up bugs with the laundry.  If they’re not capable of getting out of the sheets on time, these bugs can end up in a hot clothes washer and dryer and will be killed.

This isn’t foolproof since insects are very elusive and can leave the sheets when you remove them from your bed, but it can diminish their numbers.  When stripping your beds, check at the corners and seams to see any rust-colored marks or crumbs.  These can be early proof of bed bugs.

Vacuuming Or Washing Rugs

Bed bugs love soft surfaces.  Not only are the fibers comfortable for them to hold onto when they might get disturbed, but it’s also a better place to hide and lay eggs.  If you frequently vacuum your home and take the time to clean your rugs occasionally, this might help fight against these insects spreading.  Not only will vacuuming suck them up out of your carpet, but putting a rug through a hot wash can kill bed bugs.

There Are Limits

Only keeping your home clean isn’t going to ward off an infestation.  Bed bugs only get into homes if someone has come into contact with a person or piece of furniture with bed bugs on it.

If you’re not sure how to treat bed bugs, many might assume that it’s as simple as scrubbing sheets; you might feel lost when it comes to facing an infestation.  Truthfully, although there are methods to slow their numbers at home, there’s no way to kill off and get rid of a huge bed bug problem besides using chemical treatments.

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