Can a staple gun go through metal – facts you should know in 2021

Are you struggling with your staple gun to nail through metal? Well. That is quiet natural. We often ignore the fact unless we need it to complete any DIY or commercial projects.

In general perspective, a staple gun or a pin nailer gun is suitable for different delicate projects.

They drive the staplers through plywood, plastic or inside substances for renovation purposes.

But what about going through a metal?

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Why you need a staple gun

First, let us talk about the necessity of a staple gun.

The DIYers like me face challenges while using a staple gun. It has some limited activities than the other nailing guns.

You can use a staple gun for carpeting at your home. It fixes the carpets with the floor and takes a short time to attach the carpet with the floor substances.

Additionally, you can use the staple gun for fixing your upholstery as well. Attaching the fabric with the frame of sofa/ chair takes less time with such guns. And the covering looks neat and clean, too.

Or, if you are repairing your home, you do not have other alternatives of a staple gun. For some lightweight tasks. You need to attach different objects in various types of surfaces.

At the same time, if you plan decorating your living room, this tool is a must. Attaching an artwork is effortless with the staple gun.

It also helps in some other minor constructions. Or it can participate in fastening smaller materials in different home improvement projects.

Packaging industry also needs certain types of staple guns to fix cartons. Such special staple guns are available in the packaging factories. Using them is not a big deal too.

So, here we get that the necessities of a staple gun are undeniable.

Why you need to go through a metal?

This is a valid question. You know that staple guns are for some minor-scale projects. But at times, you may need to fasten something with a metal like aluminum or steel.

For instance, if you need to fix your sofa cover made of steel frame, you may need it. Or, if you need to fix a piece of wood with aluminum, the gun helps you. However, the usual staple guns would be unable to penetrate the metal substances.

It seems that the staple gun plays a lead role to some points. And fastening objects with steel or other types of metal is part of its job.

Can every staple gun go through metal?


It may sound a bit rough. But it is true that all the staple guns are unable to insert staplers inside metal body or frame.

You will need industrial-grade or heavy-duty staple guns with extreme deriving force for this purpose. Other than the commercial products, you cannot expect the right performance. Rather, you will witness some failure. Also, the staplers will lose their shapes that will help you lose your patience.

What next?


Before you make the purchase, you need to get the right staple gun that can go through metal.

Depending on application, there are varieties of staple guns available. Some of them are for light wood assembling, some for cabinet making while some others for roofing as well. You can also find some staple guns for floor decking, vinyl siding and even for trimming.

But you need to have the one that suits all types of projects. Especially, the larger project. Because the manufacturer knows that a large project has numbers of activities.

Thereby, getting one of those may help you solve the problem.

Based on their features, you can go through metals and other substances.

Which staple gun brand is suitable for nailing metals?

This is a bit complex issue to decide. But for your convenience, I have selected a couple of staple guns. They are capable to go through metals and other substances.


Dewalt is a renowned brand. It has numbers of nailers and staple guns. But the Dewalt DWHTTR350 Heavy Duty Aluminum Stapler is an amazing one.

It can drive regular nails and staplers in different surfaces.

If the staplers are unable to penetrate inside the metal (like aluminum or steel), try nails. The force of the device will never miss the chance. It will drive the nails inside a moderate depth of metal.

Besides, you can try DEWALT DWHTTR510 Staple Gun. This another heavy-duty staple gun. It also can drive staples to metals like aluminum. Penetration in steel would be a tough call for this.


It’s the other brand that can help you complete your project. The key feature is that this particular staple gun can drive nails in different surfaces. No matter if it is hard or soft. You will have the optimum performance.

Only for the heavy-duty feature, the force of the gun will drive staplers to metal. However, you need to remember that it also has some limitations.


Topec is another special brand that can relieve you from stress. If you need to remodel your furniture, or have some minor-scale renovation project for home, it would be of great help.

As it has several types of staples, you can utilize them according to needs. It uses U, T and D types of staplers.

Thus, it can drive through light aluminum or steel (to some points). So, you need to choose the one that suits you best.

Let’s wrap up for today

So, you are now aware that a staple gun can go through a metal. Anyway, if you check this knockout post carefully, you will have some in-depth idea about top rated staple gun. In fact, a staple gun is not always capable of nailing metallic objects.

They are intended for lightweight purposes. However, you can apply them for industrial works as well to a certain extent. In that point, your staple gun needs to be healthier. And the ones mentioned here can assist you.

Have a good day, Sir!