Calculating Your Profit from Investing in Projects and Startups

Investing in various startups, online gambling platforms, cryptocurrency has become a popular way of earning passive income. While it’s pretty difficult to calculate your potential earnings when investing in cryptocurrency, it may be possible when investing in online gambling or other potentially good projects.

It’s all fun and games when you invest a solid amount of money in cryptocurrency and the next day it blows up and significantly raises in price, but that’s a rare situation. The more common situation is when people invest in cryptocurrency, and it significantly lowers in price. The volatility of the crypto market makes it very difficult to predict. But that doesn’t mean you can’t at least try and calculate your potential gains.

Whereas it is difficult to predict what happens with your crypto investments, it may be achievable in other cases. Check out the article to learn how to invest properly, and how to keep track of your gains to be able to react accordingly.

How to Keep Track of Your Investments?

Not every person realizes that it’s not only important to invest in projects with good potential but to also keep track of the profit that they gain from investing. For example, if you have invested in an online gambling website, and after a while, the investment pays off, then it was a successful investment and you may potentially invest more to get more.

But what if you invest in this website, and the investment still hasn’t paid off? In such a case, it’s wise to withdraw the investment if possible, or not to invest more in the platform. This means that it’s essential to keep track of your earnings. There are many services that help you to calculate your ROI and potential gains.

Investment calculator of EvolveBet

For example, an investment company EvolveBet has an investment calculator that helps you to see what to expect from the investment. Many investment platforms offer such calculators because it’s easy for investors to calculate their potential income and make a decision.

An investment calculator allows users to choose a sum of money they want to invest in the currency they prefer. Then they can see how much they can earn:

  • after a week;
  • a month;
  • a year, etc.

And all a user needs to do is to calculate when the investment pays off. Then the user can use the simple formula: total income gained during a certain period – the investment = pure income. If the pure income is worth investing in, then you can try earning some passive income!

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