Buying a House in Kolkata


Kolkata is a great city with rich cultural history. The city is among India’s 4 major metropolis cities and a major commercial city too. Given its importance, it is natural that the city is home to a considerable population, and more people would like to make it their home.

If you are someone already residing in Kolkata or someone who would like to make Kolkata their home, there are many home buying options that this city has to offer. There are lots of bungalows Kolkata that you find. The best way to find bungalows for sale Kolkata is to meet up with a real estate broker or to visit a bungalow township Kolkata where houses or plots are available. Here below are some of the benefits of options mentioned.

Meeting a Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is a person who represents both the seller (builder/construction company) and the buyer (a person interested in purchasing the property). The seller appoints or authorizes the real estate broker to deal with the buyer. The real estate broker has complete knowledge about the property, including the price of the house, the plot area on which the bungalow is constructed, the built-up area of the house and more.

It is important that you meet up with a few different real estate brokers. Each real estate broker will have the knowledge of different bungalow township Kolkata and will help you identify the right home for purchase. It is you the buyer who has to decide which home you would like to purchase.

Many factors will influence your decision to purchase a home. One of the most decisive factors is the needs of your family. How many rooms are required in the home, do you want the bungalow to have open space, do you want the home to be in a township that offers amenities like club house, swimming pool, gymnasium etc.

When meeting the real estate broker ask them all the questions you have for them. Ask them who the construction company is and what is their background. Ask about their previous projects and most importantly ask whether the builder has got all the requisite approvals for the housing project.

On meeting each real estate broker you can collect the project brochure. The brochure will contain images of the project and will carry almost all basic information about the project.

Visiting the Bungalow Township and Meeting the Developer

The other option is to meet up with the developer directly. There are some benefits to meeting the developer directly. For example, you usually need to pay brokerage to the real estate broker when the purchase is complete. You can save this fee which is usually 2-3 percent of the total deal amount, by directly dealing with the builder. So if your total purchase price is INR one crore, you stand to save INR 2-3 Lakh.

The developer will have one of their office people take you to visit the project site and will update you about all the modalities. Dealing directly with the developer gives you the power to negotiate on the list price of the bungalows for sale Kolkata. Every developer wants to sell their bungalows Kolkata as soon as possible. Since they have made a considerable investment in developing and building the house, they too are looking for returns. So when the buyer and seller meet up directly the chances of the deal coming good are high.


There’s a lot that goes into purchasing bungalows Kolkata. It’s a decision that you take in haste, it’s a dream of a lifetime to own a house in Kolkata, and the more time you spend looking for one and evaluating the various options available, the more likely it is that you will zero in on one that fits all your needs in the best way possible.

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