Buyer’s guide Quite Jigsaw with Low Vibration

When purchasing a jigsaw, there are a couple of things you must remember before buying. Well, obviously you don’t want to invest your money in something which will turn out to be worse. Anyway, not all quite jigsaw are similar to each other, and there are different varieties available in the market.

Some may have thoughts regarding the price of the item. You may think the more expensive the item, the good it is, but it’s not always necessary that the expensive means are better. No. We need to go through all features that make a jigsaw good.

Learning about a good jigsaw’s various features can help you figure out which one is better for you. These features should make your decision strong about which one to get for yourself. There are lots of things to keep in mind so let’s not waste time and get into it. Here’s what you should know:

1. Power

Yes. Power is the thing you need to consider. This should be the first and foremost point that you should have. How many amperes does a jigsaw use? You especially need to keep in mind if you are using a cordless jigsaw as they rely on batteries. For the demanding tasks, you need to have an ideal jigsaw that has more power. Typically, low-powered saws will have a 5-amps or less motor, while higher-quality saws will be closer to 6-amps. Everything depends on how demanding your task is and how often you are going to use the tool. If you need it for professional work, then you need a jigsaw with little more power. But if you plan to get it for your personal homework, get away with a bargain saw if you are not planning to use it much.

2. Speed

The faster the strokes per minute, the smoother and more efficient the saw will be able to cut. Most jigsaws have speed settings. As such, you should choose the jigsaw with a speed of 2000; else, saws with a speed lower than this are considered to be slow. There are saws available in the market which has a speed control. Having speed control, the blades can cut precisely. If you work with different materials, then having variable speeds is useful.

3. Corded Jigsaw vs Cordless Jigsaw

Many of the cordless jigsaws are less powerful than the corded jigsaw. Cordless jigsaws are something freeing and more practical about not having to lug a cord. Cordless is new, but it’s getting popular. A corded jigsaw is always better.  They are powerful and better equipped to handle cutting problems. So whether or not you need a corded or a cordless jigsaw comes down to your preference and depends on how long you will be using it at a time.

4. Weight

With a lightweight tool, you can be comfortable enough to do work in a given amount of time. The weight of the tool will help you work with ease and doesn’t hold you back. But if the jigsaw is too heavy, nerves the hours spent on it can start getting to your nerves. This is also why you need to have a good jigsaw. Corded jigsaws tend to be lighter as the power source is not attached to the handle, so if lightweight is your primary concern, you’re probably better to opt for a corded jigsaw rather than a cordless model.

5. Laser Feature

To help you guide with better visualisation, the jigsaws now come up with a laser guide feature. It tells you where exactly you are going to be cutting. Unlike many features, this is tied with the price of the saw. You can get inexpensive saws with laser guide features as well as expensive saws without them. It is not mandatory to have a jigsaw with a laser guide feature installed in it, but it can help be helpful—it up to you which one to buy.


These are the things that will help you get a good jigsaw for your own purpose or for professional. Adding on, remember an expensive tool to put a particular item isn’t going to be good always and a cheap saw will not be bad to use. It is up to you, choose wisely by referring to the guide. In conclusion, I believe that now you can choose the right jigsaw with low vibration by referring to the above guide. You can now get the lightweight, laser featured, cordless or corded with efficient speed jigsaw. By reading throughout the buyer’s guide you should be well equipped to make a wise purchasing decision. I hope this has helped you to buy a good jigsaw for yourself.