Budgeting for a Whole House Water Filtration System


When it comes to installing a whole house water filtration system, several factors need to be considered. You can opt for a budget-friendly under the sink filter system for $100 but if you want the entire house to receive pure water then you are going to have to look for what is known as a whole house water filtration system.

A whole house water filtration system is installed at the main water supply called ‘Point of Entry’. The water passes through the filter system and gets purified to be used inside the house. If you were wondering what does a whole house water filter system cost? You are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss budgeting for a whole house water filtration system so that you are aware of what to expect before and during installation.

What is a whole house water filtration system?

A whole house water filtration system is a machine that is installed at the point of entry, filtering the water as it enters your home. If you wish to install this system, make sure that you install it at the main water supply point. This way, the entire house will be receiving pure water, even in the bathrooms.

Furthermore, whole house water filtration systems tend to be high-capacity. Therefore, it is obvious that they are relatively pricier. Moreover, different manufacturers offer different types of whole house water filtration systems carrying different features. Your choice will depend on the type of contaminants inside your water. Different water filters are designed to eliminate different types of contaminants. It is not one for all. Therefore, be wise in your decision-making process. If you are looking for high-quality alkaline water filters, click the link.

Point-of-Entry vs Point-of-Use

Point-of-Use filtration systems are installed to provide clean water at a specific location. For instance, if a point-of-use system such as an under-sink filter or countertop is installed in the kitchen, you will only receive pure water in that particular area. Since this is an area where cooking is done, water needs to be as pure as possible.

A point-of-entry water filtration system delivers pure water to your entire house. As one can imagine, these systems serve the entire house by providing purified water. Therefore, they tend to be relatively expensive as well. However, these systems feature a higher output and are comparatively larger in size as well. Its installation requires a professional, which is another cost you need to consider.

Carbon Filtration vs Reverse Osmosis

In the world of water filtration systems, two technologies are leading the way. Carbon Filtration systems and reverse osmosis filtration. In the case of carbon filtration systems, a carbon block is installed inside the filtration system that blocks contaminants such as chlorine and organic compounds.

On the other hand, reverse osmosis utilizes membrane technology, which allows it to remove pretty much anything the user desires. Compared to carbon filtration systems, reverse osmosis filtration systems are more efficient and can eliminate contaminants up to 0.001 microns. This makes them expensive as well.

Filter Size

Another major factor when it comes to budgeting for a whole house water filtration system is the filter size. For instance, if you have a POU under sink filtration system installed, you can buy a carbon filter for less than $100. However, if you want some high-quality ones, then it will cost comparatively more. On the other hand, an under-sink reverse osmosis system can cost you around $200-$500.

In addition to that, you can get a faucet-mounted POE filter system installed as well that will cost as low as $20. Since these are the smallest types, maintenance is not even an issue with these things.

Now, the whole house water filtration systems are bigger and better. They are the ultimate water purification systems. You can buy one of these for $500 and even $3,000 depending on your use. They are designed to be maintenance and eco-friendly in the long run. Therefore you will be saving money as the years go by.


The installation of whole house water filtration systems varies significantly. If you wish to install a POU filtration system, then it is going to be a straightforward process. You can either get it installed on the countertop or under a sink faucet. However, a POE system is installed at the main water supply of your house.

For the installation of a POE system, a professional will be required. The cost of a POE whole house water filtration system will depend on how much work is going to be required but it could cost anything between $870-$2,768 with an average cost of $1,800.


Just like other things that require maintenance, a whole house water filtration system requires as well. Depending on the water filtration system and the type of filter being used, the maintenance costs will vary. Furthermore, different manufacturers recommend different changing intervals for water filters. Some filters might need a replacement after 2-3 months while others may require a replacement once a year.

Final Word

As this article reaches its conclusion, we have covered all of the aspects for budgeting for a whole house water filtration system. Whole house water filtration systems are indeed expensive but in the long run, save you costs. Therefore, it is a one-time investment. Since water is a daily requirement and almost everyone is exposed to it multiple times during the day, it is important that efforts are done to purify it.

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