Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Decoration Ideas


Modern bathrooms are a place to relax and freshen up. Most bathrooms are equipped with features that make them look modernized. Having a comfortable and elegant bathroom makes your home classy and comfortable. In the traditional home settings, bathrooms were not given much attention in terms of the decorations that were included. Most homeowners considered decorating their living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms and other parts of the homes. They did not consider the importance of having a comfortable bathroom where you could have accessories to make them more accommodating. In modern society, there have been numerous improvements in how you can improvise your bathroom without having to worry about space.

Most homeowners do not give a thought about the look of their bathroom spaces. This is a problem that makes them look traditional, old and monotonous. You can include many accessories that will transform your bathroom into a comfort zone. However, you could be willing to have a flashy bathroom but your budget does not allow. Should this be a deterring factor to you upgrading the look of your bathroom to satisfy your needs? Of course not. There are many interior design ideas that are available for you to include in your bathroom. You need to consider the available room in your space before you decide the best accessories or features to add in the bathroom. If you are having problems incorporating them, you may consult experts from fab glass and mirror or bathroom renovation company based on the Gold Coast who will be happy to help you. For homeowners with difficulties in decorating bathrooms in small spaces, this article is for you. Read on to find out more about modern ideas you can use to make your bathroom look modernized and classy within a small space.

A Corner Shower

Having a glass shower enclosure in the bathroom is one of the primary decorative features that have been identified in the 21st century. A glass shower enclosure makes your bathroom look classy and flashy. When you have visitors, a glass shower enclosure may raise your standards to your visitors. However, you may have a problem with your budget and space and still want to have a glass shower enclosure. One of the most popular additions to your bathroom is the corner shower glass enclosure. The glass enclosure is normally installed in one corner of your bathroom. When installed in the corner, it leaves a lot of free space in the rest of the bathroom making it usable and more comfortable. It should be a consideration for modern homeowners who are on a tight budget and limited bathroom space. Also, at fab glass and mirror, you can have a corner glass shower enclosure customized for you. The customization is to ensure that it perfectly fits into the available space to make it look elegant and classy. A common mistake by property owners is to have a corner shower enclosure that does not fit perfectly which ends up taking up more space in the small bathroom space.

Glass Doors With Towel Bar

Glass shower doors are a great addition to your glass shower enclosure when you are upgrading your bathroom space. They are used for accessing the glass shower door easily without struggling with the traditionally made doors. When using the shower enclosure in a confined space, you may not have enough space to hang your towel inside. This is due to the problem of making it wet from the splashing water while taking a shower. You might want to consider modern ideas on how to make your small bathroom space accommodate your towel bar and the glass shower enclosure. Usually, it is recommended that you should include a towel bar on the outer side of the glass shower door so that you can hang your towel outside and reduce the possibilities of it becoming wet if hanged outside. The towel bar installed on your glass shower door may also double up as a door handle. If you picture this design, you will notice that it eliminates the need to have a separate towel bar which would normally be installed on a separate adjacent wall thus saving you on space. If you are working on a constricted budget for the bathroom decoration, you can preorder a customized glass shower door that has a towel bar installed on it.  If your looking for additional ideas be sure and check out Superior Shower Door & More, Inc..

Vanity With Sink

Having a sink in the bathroom that can be used for multiple purposes is the wish of every modern homeowner. It is easy to design a vanity that will serve different purposes for the users within the house. However, having a vanity that is linked to the sink would be a good idea to bring into a bathroom that is in a small house. When the vanity is combined with the sink, you can conveniently put your towels and other essentials safely locked. Also, this helps to save on space unlike in spacious bathrooms where the vanity and the sink can be installed in different positions. Sometimes, the vanity can be customized to fit within the available space perfectly. You do not need to break a sweat since there are experts at fab glass and mirror who can help you with the design and installation. When installing the vanity with sink in a small bathroom, ensure that you use the corners that have less human traffic when the bathroom is being used.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Mirrors always make your space look bigger than it is. Utilizing this knowledge to install decorative mirrors in your bathroom can help to create a modernized and comfortable bathroom space. If you are wondering on what you can do to ensure your small bathroom space looks bigger, you can install floor to ceiling decorative wall mirrors. This is a technique that has been widely used in interior décor for small spaces. This can either be your bathroom or the hallway. With the decorative wall mirrors, it is ideal to have the frameless type since they reflect more content that is in your bathroom than the framed mirror. Another advantage of the frameless mirrors over the framed types is that they are cheaper and easier to install. Since you are looking to save on costs and space, consider having a frameless mirror that is installed on a wall with fewer accessories. Check out this post and compare framed vs frameless shower door and learn their respective pros that you must consider to ensure you’ll be installing the perfect kind of shower door with respect to your needs and requirements.

Rounded Glass Shower Enclosure


Glass shower enclosures will always introduce some elegance and class into your home when they are well installed. Glass shower enclosures that have sharp and straight edges may take up more space which should be saved. The round glass shower doors are more economical on space in that they do not have unnecessary corners. The rounded corners are easily customizable, and they do not occupy space where they should not. When working on a tight budget and you are confused between buying a rectangular and round glass shower enclosure, the latter is more economical and classy. You will save on space, and the bathroom will look cozy and modernized. This is one of the small bathroom decoration ideas that are popular among modern homeowners.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

If you are looking for small bathroom decoration ideas and you’re stuck on the type of shower doors to select, the sliding glass shower doors are trendy and worth every coin in your wallet. Traditional pivoted or hinged doors required a lot of paces to open freely when the bathroom was in use. This means that within a small bathroom, it would be hectic to install a pivoted door. Therefore, it would be recommended that a sliding glass shower door should be installed to save on space. The sliding shower door does not require any space to open since it slides on rails that are installed at the top and bottom of the shower enclosure. It is one of the primary bathroom decoration ideas that are used in modern homes to make them look elegant and classy.

Display Cabinets With Glass Doors

Display cabinets within the bathroom are great additions to make them look elegant and modernized. There are many designs that you can incorporate for the glass display cabinets so that you save on space. Usually, they are installed in corners that are not used mostly since they can be a distraction when installed in the wrong position. The glass display cabinet is mostly used for the storage of the toiletries and other accessories that are used in the bathroom. The doors of the cabinets should be sliding type to save on more space. Compared to the pivoted glass doors for display cabinets, the sliding glass doors are more economical and cheap. They are suitable for use in bathrooms that have small spaces. If your bathroom is small and you would like to give it a new look, consider having display cabinets with sliding doors.

Combined Bathtub And Shower

This is one of the ultimate bathroom decoration ideas that have gained popularity across the world today. For many homeowners, they would like to have a bathroom that is equipped with a bathtub and a shower enclosure. However, space is a constraint which cannot be ignored. Combining the glass shower enclosure with the bathtub would do the trick of making your bathroom look modernized and elegant. The bathtub should be stylish such that when it is enclosed in the glass shower enclosure, it looks attractive. The glass panels for the shower enclosure should be installed on the edge of the bathtub so that maximum space can be saved. This installation should, however, be done by a professional to minimize damages.  Bathroom decoration ideas are always available to be from experts at fab glass and mirror.


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