Boss Steel Limited- Easy Clamp Tube Fittings


Boss Steel Limited specializes in Easy Clamp modular tube fitting connectors. With their agile approach in the industry, they have established themselves as business leaders in offering tube fittings, clamps, steel wire rope grips, and related accessories in the area. Their creative intelligence and passion for providing efficient product solutions to customers across the globe have allowed them to curate designs that combine the best of functionality, efficiency, and affordability.

The products offered by Boss Steel Limited are of commercial grade and highest quality. The company provides a wide range of Easy Clamp modular tube fitting connectors are made with attention to detail and an expert approach to fulfill the requirements effectively.

Our Vision and Mission

The company, Boss Easy Clamps was established with a mission to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices across North America. There has always been a void in the market where customers looking for higher grade tube fittings, connectors and clamps were not satisfied with the quality and affordability of the products and after acknowledging this void, Boss Steel made it its mission to fulfill it.

With the same spirit, they aim to keep consumers across Canada satisfied with their products and are working hard every day to expand their business and abide by international standards.

Our Products

Boss Steel offers a wide range of Easy Clamp modular tube fitting connectors, pipes, tubes, clamps and so much more. Their entire collection is designed after considering the requirements of a typical consumer in mind. With their diverse range of products, they are serving as a one-stop shop for customers across the globe.

Pipe and Tube

Boss Steel specializes in manufacturing and distributing the best Pipes and Tubes across Canada and the globe. Their products can be found in every category. The Pipes and Tubes by Boss Steel are manufacturing after keeping the sturdiness and pricing in mind so that their customers can be catered to in the best possible way.


With over 100 types of clamps, Boss Steel provides their consumer with an effective solution to fulfill various purposes involving a variety of clamps. Their versatile, fastening clamps are manufactured with a focus on creating a secure connection that can offer structural integrity. The sturdy and highest quality clams can be utilized for construction, furniture, and many other purposes. These clamps are also user-friendly that is easy to assemble and disassemble.


Boss Steel offers the largest range of TUV certified tube couples with competitive prices and the highest quality in the country. With a diversified range of accessories and other products, Easy Clamps have made it possible to integrate a more diverse construction in their designs for consumers while incorporating quality and efficiency. You can avail the easy clamps in 5 different measurements for round tubes and the constructions and frames are produced in all measurements.

Boss Steel Premade Kits

Boss Steel offers unique and smart easy to assemble kits for consumers across the globe to cater to their convenience. Their kits are available in various tube sizes and can be customized as per one’s specific needs. Currently, they have 5 unique kits available, named,  “Boss Bed Frame” available in single, twin, queen, and king, “Boss Custom Cart”, “Boss Shop Shelf”, “Boss Table Frame”, and “Boss Fitness Tower”.

Why Choose Boss

If high quality, versatility, and competitive prices are what you are looking for in your products then Boss Steel is the right answer for you, With their mission to provide fast and full-service solutions to consumers across the globe, they have created a range of superior quality products.

Their years of experience and expertise in the area have established them as the leader in the industry. By choosing Boss, you are choosing perfection.

  • Focus on building customer relations by developing a sense of trust and honesty
  • Ability to go above and beyond in fulfilling the needs of their consumers and alignment to international standards to get the job done right
  • The expert approach in manufacturing and distributing consumers with years of experience to back their services.




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