Blender for crushing ice: things you need to consider


Nothing beats the refreshment feeling of ice-cold smoothie on a hot afternoon. It is even greater when you can easily make such drinks from your kitchen’s comfort, without necessarily having to drive to a nearby shopping center. 

Moreover, not all the blenders you see in supermarket shelves can blend fruit well, let alone crush ice. Sourcing for the best blender for crushing ice, therefore, presents itself with a lot of challenges, especially if it’s your first time shopping for one. 

In other words, it takes more than just looks to get a blender that will optimize your experience for easy ice breaking. So, what are some of the factors that you must consider when buying a blender for crushing juice? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Price

The best thing about blenders is that despite your budget, you can always get something functional that complements your needs and expectations. You don’t have to be rich to afford a blender. However, you may have to spend more if you want to achieve additional power and features. The same applies to appliances’ quality. High-quality blenders from well-known kitchen brands will demand that you part with more money.

  • Power

Ice is not the same as fruits or vegetables and therefore calls for a powerful blender that can pulverize whatever you put into it. That means that you will need a high wattage blender of about 1500 Watts or more. However, you must also note that there are low wattage options of up to 500 Watts and below, which are, of course, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain.

  • Blades

Blades will determine the overall results that a blender will have. In other words, blades are the most important things to consider after wattage. For ice crushing, I would recommend that you go for powerful stainless blades that are two-tipped and blunt-edged.

  • Durability

Everyone will definitely want a blender built for durability and longevity so that it can serve you from the longest time possible. Therefore, you need to buy a blender with sturdy construction material such as tampered glass jar, stainless steel, and firm handles.

  • Interface and features

Lastly, you might also want to consider the blender’s interface and features. There are both easy-to-start blenders that have dedicated function buttons and the one with heavy-interfaces that will even require a manual. 

The latter is mainly for commercial use. If you are also more of a hands-on person, you may want to consider other features such as variable speeds option and auto-power on and off functions and also find the Best Blender For Ice.

A blender that comes with a variable speed option makes it easy for you to control the ice crushing process. Other features also include automatic blades reserving, which most people view as blades with self-cleaning features. Automatic blades reversing are ideal when cleaning or preventing the entire machine from jamming.

It would help if you considered some features that come into account when buying any appliance, such as buying from a trusted vendor. It would be best if you also bought from a vendor with amazing after-sale services such as free delivery.

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