Bird Watching Videos For Fun And Information


Leafing through a book or even browsing online to help you to identify UK garden birds can be fun, but also time-consuming and sometimes a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, YouTube and other digital video-sharing platforms have opened up a new world of possibilities. It’s easier than ever before to learn more about the bird species that you see outside your window, as well as those you can glimpse in UK woods and along coastlines.

Using videos to grow your understanding and observation skills can also be a great way to identify individual species you see with more confidence.

Videos For Amateur Observers

The videos on bird watching you can refer to range from tongue in cheek overviews, to detailed mini-movies for anyone who wants to study the topic in depth.

For example, this is a fun personal profile on “birdwatching for beginners” that has some helpful tips:

Some bird-related videos on YouTube are specific to certain types of birds, such as this study on songbirds around Bristol:

This video helps you to identify UK bird species by their calls and songs:

Video Tips On Feeding Birds

Are you interested in the different types of wild bird feed you can use? This video shows that how dried mealworms for birds are beneficial to attract them in the garden, suet pellets and seeds together to attract birds: There is great slow-motion footage of birds snacking on dried mealworms too:

Personal Experiences Of Bird Watching

Getting a personal view of bird watching adventures can be fun, and informative.

This lovely film identifies some of the garden variety of birds that the video maker spotted in Cornwall:

Television Programmes And Campaigns

It’s also possible to catch up with relevant television programmes about British wildlife on YouTube, such as this episode of BBC Earth, when Jack Fincham took Chris Packham birdwatching:

As you would expect, the RSPB produces great videos to help amateur bird spotters to engage with UK species. This is a great example ofa Big Garden Birdwatch from some years ago, that is still highly relevant today. It includes tips oninvolving children in watchingwildlife:

Do you want to create and post a video of birds feeding in your garden? It takes patience to get quality footage. You also need to offer appealing treats such as live mealworms, bird peanuts and quality seed mixes. See our blog on bird photography for more helpful hints.

Additional Suggestions

  • There is a wide selection of roomy cages for birds at Bird Cages Now where you can find one that is suitable for your pet bird.
  • Make sure you read up on parrot care before adopting a bird so you know how often they need grooming.
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