Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Every Budget


There are two types of people in this world. Those that get incredibly excited and nostalgic when they receive a wedding invitation in the mail, and those that immediately start stressing about what to wear and what to give as a wedding gift. No matter which category you fall in, chances are you’re going to be invited to several weddings in your lifetime. Finding the perfect wedding gift might be easy if you stick to the registry and buy the bride and groom a toaster, but if you desire to put in a little more thought into buying just the right gift then your task gets a little harder. Here are some amazing wedding gift ideas that can easily fit into anyone’s budget so you can get excited about weddings again. 

1. Custom Star Map 

Immortalize the wedding day with an exact map of the stars for any date you choose with a custom star map from TwinkleInTime. It could be the wedding day, the day they met, the proposal date, anything your mind and heart can come up with. You can include constellations and write a heartfelt message on the poster. The high-quality print comes in a few night sky color combinations with different shapes to customize your design. It can even come framed to make gift-giving even easier. This is a truly romantic gift, especially if the bride or groom are romantics or find science fascinating. Now they’ll think of you and your thoughtful gift every time they glaze up at the stars. 

2. At-Home Health Screening Kit

Move over DNA genealogy testing, there’s a new at-home health kit in town. The marriage vows do say, “in sickness and in health,” so help the bride and groom get started on the right path by showing them how much you care about their health. This easy to use at-home screening kit by tests for celiac disease and remedied arthritis, with more health conditions being added soon. 

3. The Gift Of Adventure 

A top present idea, National Geographic’s Book, 50 States 5000 Ideas, is sure to be a hit for anyone looking to build lasting memories. Roadtrips are a great American pastime and economical vacation. Help the married couple out with a never-ending list of ideas of places to visit and explore. Each chapter features a new state with everything they are famous for and all the landmarks you need to hit. It makes a great cross-country checklist. Also, anything produced by National Geographic you know will be filled with amazing photography. Your favorite bride and groom will have a ton of photos and memories that will last them a lifetime. From California to Florida, there’s a whole nation out there just waiting to greet them. 

4. The Couple That Caffeinates Together, Stays Together

Want a life of wedded bliss? The perfect cup of coffee in the morning might just be the key. Give the gift of wakefulness with this Nespresso Citiz that lists as a top gift choice in a recent article. Sure it’s a little pricey for a coffee maker but it’s worth every penny for this barista-style single-serving coffee and espresso machine. It doesn’t take up too much counter space and works with disposable coffee pods so you can change up your flavors often and find something for everyone. This beats the heck out of a standard coffee maker off the gift registry any day.  

5. Customized Family Home Sign

Newly married people love to plaster their family name all over everything so check out this elegant wooden sign, custom made with their names and wedding date. This beautiful home decor item is hand-cut, stained and laser engraved. Made of high-quality birch wood in Oklahoma, this will be a stand-out gift for sure. Mounted outside the door of their first home, this will be a sentimental reminder of their wedding day for decades to come. 

6. Wishing Ball For Celebrating Gratitude 

This magical looking gift is full of sentimental value. Give your friends and family a way to treasure their wishes and thoughts of gratitude in adorable scrolls inside a beautiful blown glass ball that looks like it came right out of a magic shop. The Uncommon Goods Wishing Ball was designed by glass artist Jill Henrietta Davis and it will make a stunning focal piece of home decor. Family and friends can write on the pieces of paper and once a year you can open them up, read aloud, and relive all your favorite moments again. If you give it in advance they can even use it on their wedding day to collect advice and well-wishes from guests. 

7. Give Them Wine Month After Month From Winc

A Winc Wine Club Membership for the first year of marriage is an excellent way to keep the party going and give lots of future opportunities for toasting and celebrating. Winc is known for its expertly curated monthly wine selection and aesthetically pleasing packaging. A flexible membership with easy controls, your favorite couple can continue their membership year after year if they wish. 

The celebration of a new union calls for a perfect romantic gift, which you’re sure to have found on this list. No matter what your wedding gift budget is, there are special gifts of a personal nature that anyone can afford. No more boring kitchen appliances and generic sheet sets, don’t be afraid to get creative! 


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