Best Way to Install Windows For Business and Homes


House and businesses are compulsory elements in our life. We build these for our comfort and convenience. We spend a lot of time in our homes and we need to make sure that we feel comfortable inside these structures.

Now, to maintain a healthy environment in our homes and business, cross ventilation is a must. Ventilation means the provision of fresh air to a room or building.

You can place these windows by your own if you know the best way to install window for business and homes. I will discuss that today, Let’s see…

Let’s Learn the Best way to Install Windows For Businesses And Homes

Now, we will discuss step by step the window installing process. Read our instructions below before doing it. These instructions are generally instructed by several window installers for homes and businesses.

Some Cautions Before Installing a Window:

It is worthy to mention that installing a window in your home or business place is a crucial task. And it is counted as a popular home improvement task in America.

Before installing, the selection of the right window is an important task. Improper installation of a window will raise many window-related problems. Faulty installation may cause air leaks, heat loss, etc.

So, before starting your task, you have to pay great attention to the hitherto mentioned problems.

Safety Measures and Needed Instruments:

  • Polyurethane Sealant
  • 1/8” Waterproof Shims (use flat shims)
  • Flashing Tape
  • WRB
  • Tape
  • Low Expanding Window
  • Jamb Shims
  • Self-Adhesive Flashing Tape
  • Foam Backer Rod
  • Door foam
  • 1-1/2” to 2” Galvanized Roofing Nails

Also, you need safety glasses, putty knife, hammer, level, screw gun, tape measure, staple gun, utility knife, caulk gun, and others.


Check the below instructions:

  • Frame opening must be ½” longer than the width and length of the window.
  • The sill and head should be level as well as sides should be plumb.

You have to check that the wall is in the true plane. Check it by running two strings. Set two strings diagonally on the opening, on the centre of the surface, two strings will overlap each other.

In case the strings don’t touch or pull each other on the wall surface then you will realise that there is a fault. Then, check it again.


This step is one kind of warm-up step.

  • Remove packages that are with the window.
  • Set the window to its place, check that everything is okay. The sides should be approximately ¼” and the top should be ½”, the extra space is for further activities.
  • Make sure that other adjustments are right.


Now, you have to cut a weather Resistive Barrier (WRB) over the window opening. Above the opening, you may cut 1” and tape it out, fold up the top flap.


The sides must be run up approximately 3” by using flashing tape. On the exterior, you have to overlap the water resistive Barrier approximately 3”. You may apply a flush on the interior edge.


In this step, waterproof shims should be place on the sill. It should be flat, approximately 1/8”. Place them each side. The window unit will sit level if the shims level on the opening – it is a must.


You have to use Polyurethane sealant to the vertex of backside and the corresponding surfaces. And use it to the side nail fins.

Caution: Never use sealant on the bottom nail fin.

Step: 7

In this step, place the window on the centre (unit should be on the centre) so that you will have both sides with equal space. And the window should above the sill shims.

Use a woodblock and screw to fasten the opening temporarily. The nail fin must be overlapped by the woodblock. And it will overlap one side closely of the top. Use screw ½” from the edge. You need to shift the frame to adjust it so that it loosely fastens the block just to hold it.


The sill should be level or else shim it with extra waterproof shims.

Caution: Make sure that the window installation is accurate. It should be square.


In this step, we are again warning you to check the window and make sure it is in right position, it should be square. To check it, measure diagonally, start it from a vertex corner. You must start it from the opposite side. Measure the other corners in the same way.

If there are problems, then adjust it again. Shift it until both (the top and underneath of the window) diagonal measurements are equal. After that, fasten every single corner, permanently.


The side jambs are needed to be plumb. The sides must not be bowed, check it by using a straight extreme. You have to measure the width to verify it. So, the results should be the same.

Caution: shim the side of the window at multiple points. Don’t shim the vertex.


In this step, finish fastening the window. You have to fasten the window, every 10” all around of it. Use a sealant to seal the fasteners. (their heads)


To overlap the proximate and to cover the nailing fin WRB, use self-adhesive flashing tape. Flashing must be limited to each side. You have to flash the vertex nail fin. And flash below the ground nail fin, not at the ground nail fin.


Use self-adhesive tape on the top that must comprise the nailing fin and fastener heads. Overlap the proximate wall surface that is over the nailing fin.


Fold the WRB flap down and dispel the tape. To make it fine-looking, ensure the side tape must overlap the horizontal one.


Now you have to seal all interior seams using foam. Apply it on all sides the perimeter and between the extreme of the window.

It is recommended that for interior finishing, you should paint and seal the wood surfaces within 90 days of installation ASAP.


In the above discussion, we explained the best way to install a window for business and homes. We discussed all steps simply and tried to add cautions so that you can avoid mistakes. Follow our instructions and stay with us.

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