Best Surrogacy Clinic In Ireland: How Affordable Is It?

Because surrogacy in Ireland is not regulated by law, many Irish couples who turn to this method of assisted reproduction must travel abroad—to the United States, Canada and Ukraine among other jurisdictions where it is legal. In jurisdictions where surrogacy is legal, the intended parents of children who have signed a formal surrogate maternity arrangement may be recognized as legitimate parents.

The rule ceases to apply the moment they return home, and none of the proposed versions of Ireland’s Surrogacy Ireland Act appear likely to alter this provision. The Children and Family Relations Act 2015 establishes that a mother may be named as the legal caretaker of her child no earlier than two years after birth. In an international surrogacy scenario, however, a prospective father may be recognized as the parent and caretaker of the child born to a surrogate. Still, he must also be the genetic father.

The Irish Constitution officially recognizes same-sex marriage and grants legal protection to families headed by LGBT couples.Although, however, this decision was difficult. Under Irish law, if a woman is the biological mother of her partner’s child and gives birth to it, she will be recognised as its legal parent. However, homosexual couples have found that this can create difficulties when they try to resolve family issues related to surrogacy. So it is worth hiring two women – a surrogate mother and an egg donor. The prospective father could claim some form of parental responsibility—for example, visitation rights—over the genetic link he shares with his unborn child.

This approach simplifies the surrogacy journey legally, but at a higher price. Unfortunately, this option is available only for men; female gay couples are forced to seek other solutions. In Ireland—where both parents must be recognized by DNA evidence unless their own egg/s were used—a mother cannot do so if it’s not her ovum that was implanted into another woman’s womb and fertilized thereon with sperm from a male suitor.

Surrogacy Agency In Ireland: Professionalism and quality

As you can see, all these difficulties cannot be overcome without experience. But if potential parents still decide to go on a surrogacy journey without the help of a surrogacy agency in Ireland—the worst thing is that they won’t get to enjoy the whole experience.

Surrogate pregnancy is a complex process that requires legal representation from an international fertility attorney. Many Irish intended parents find the entire journey challenging, especially since laws are constantly changing and surrogates must travel abroad for treatment.

Surrogacy Cost In Ireland: Is it worth it?

The resolution of these issues is costly, but the central part of that cost is in the clinic services and IVF procedures. Overall prices range from € 30 000 to 150,000 depending on the country. Here is the Surrogacy Cost In Ireland.

Commonly, agencies’ comprehensive packages include:

  • In-Vitro Fertilization and embryo transfer fees
  • pregnancy care and medical services payments
  • gestational carrier compensation
  • legal support and supervision charges
  • surrogacy agency fees

Such a surrogate agreement helps to bring down six-figure price tags to affordable prices.