Best Online Blackjack Casino in Canada

Blackjack is one of a few casino games that give you a chance to win real money with no special effort on your end. This is an important advantage of the popular gambling game, which makes players from around the globe make bets against a casino dealer, trying to score 21 points.

Many still wonder why the best blackjack in Canada is so popular among other gambling games. Everything is easy – apart from giving the opportunity to land a massive win, blackjack belongs to the category of intellectual games. So it will match the interests of strategic players as well. The rules of the game make a deal with your brain, so the very expectation of the result is another adrenaline rush! This is why Blackjack bears the title of king among the rest of the casino card games.

Blackjack Rules at Online Casinos

Blackjack Rules at Online Casinos

In any blackjack game, it is the rules of the game that determine the dealer’s actions. Croupiers cannot independently decide on which move to make at a particular moment. The basic rules for dealers are arranged in a way so that everyone taking part in the game can read them. For example, when it comes to the “The dealer stops at 17” rule, the total amount of the dealer’s card points cannot exceed 17 points. In this case, a dealer cannot take an extra card even if he sees that some players have 18 or more cards. If this happens, a player has several options to continue the game:

  • Take an extra card or stop – The player has the right to take an extra card and raise the total value of the hand. One can also stop taking cards and play with only two-three cards that were dealt after the deal. A player draws extra cards until he collects 21 points and wins. In case he gets 22 or more, a player automatically loses;
  • Doubling – This option allows a player to double one’s original stake in order to be able to receive only one extra card. For example, the dealer’s face-up card is 4, you have 3 and 6, which gives you a total of 9 points. This is the perfect scenario for doubling. Thus, you will increase your bet and hope for a 10-point card that will give you 19 points. The dealer can very easily go over or stop at 17. Either way, you win;
  • Separation – Splitting also allows you to boost your stake after the initial hand. If you have paired cards in your hand, then you can split them into two hands. You will need to double your initial bet to cover the second hand. Each hand will be played separately. A good pair to split is 8’s. Two 8’s give you a total of 16 points, so if you split them, you have a chance of getting 10, which will bring 18 points and most likely a victory.


In terms of mathematics, blackjack is the most profitable game that casinos offer. In fact, this is the only game where the casino does not have a mathematical edge, and strong players can gain an advantage by using card counts and some basic strategies. So if you are looking for a game that will develop your intellectual skills and land a couple of thousands of bucks in your pocket, then you know where to lead to.