Best Indoor Rabbit Cages in 2022


Are you on the lookout for the ideal indoor rabbit hutch? But you don’t know what features to look for among all the models available? You’re in the correct place, so don’t worry. We’ve reviewed a few of the most popular so you can pick the best metal, large, hardwood, & small bunny cages. You’ll discover a wealth of useful information in our guideline at the conclusion of this piece. 

Selecting the indoor rabbit cage becomes less difficult than choosing an outdoor rabbit cage. It will not be subjected to the elements, will not be required to keep rabbits safe from harm (aside from other domestic pets), and will not be required to maintain as tightly controlled an environment. This provides you a little more leeway in terms of selecting an indoor rabbit cage that meets your demands as well as the needs of your bunny companion.

In comparison to an outdoor hutch, the most significant disadvantage of an indoor cage to the rabbit would be that you will not be able to easily permit excrement to fall through wire mesh bottom as you would with just an outdoor hutch. In most cases, rabbit cages come with a catch tray underneath a wire bottom that can be pushed out and for cleaning, or they come with a plastic foundation that can be removed from its rest of the enclosure. In terms of cleaning, the slide out plates are the most handy because they can be readily removed and are not too big. Instead, plastic bases are more effective at keeping bedding and litter contained within the confines of an interior rabbit cage, which would otherwise be flung out the sides.

MidWest Homes for Pets

It’s better for your rabbits’ health to not have to reside in their own excrement, which is why you should install an extra layer of wire coil netting over the lower tray of the Rabbit Hutch

It’s possible to clean the rabbit house while having to move the rabbit, thanks to a wide pull-out tray that doesn’t leak. The bunny’s cage may be cleaned in a matter of minutes. 

The rabbit house has a lot of room for resting & playing for the rabbit. She needs her own space to rest comfortably. With the mesh door, you won’t have to worry about bothering the pets while watching them. 

The rabbit hutch includes three doors that are easy to open and close, as well as a huge food container next to it to store hay for your bunny to eat. A rabbit chewing toy is included as a complimentary gift. 

COZI WOW Outdoor Indoor Wooden Large Small Pets Crate House for Rabbit Bunny Cage 

It’s a must-have item for every home with a pet, and so this outside small mammal enclosure with such a ladder provides the perfect blend of style and protection. Your bunnies, cats, puppies, raccoon, foxes, or other little to medium-sized creatures can enjoy some fresh air & sunlight thanks to this wood patio run’s big asphalt surface & ventilated mesh walls. 

In order to ensure long-term outside use, this free-standing red backyard small mammal enclosure features a durable pinewood frame & rust proof wire walls. Asphalt has been applied to the flat roof to provide weather protection & keep your pet out of the sun and out of the rain. 

Esright Rabbit Hutch Pet House for Small Animals 

With a spacious interior as well as a loft, this outdoor enclosure provides enough room for your feline buddies to explore freely, climb & jump, and rest comfortably. The attic is accessible through a ladder, making it a convenient place for your pet to live. 

Also with help of such a latch lock, all triple doors can be opened and closed with ease so that you can easily clean the internal space. 

Alternatively, you can join your cats in the kennels to play, relax, or have a fun feeding time. 

It’s simple to assemble because all of the parts are clearly labelled. The high-quality indoor outdoor run pen is simple to assemble with the partner thanks to the included installation guide & pre-drilled holes. It is advised that you use the manual installation method. 

Rabbit Hutch, Wooden Bunny Cage with Pull-Out Tray by Petsfit 

Construction: Premium organic fir wood was used in the construction, which was then treated with an eco-friendly water-resistant non-toxic varnish. Your pet will appreciate the firmness and naturalness of the genuine wood. Pre-drilled pegs make assembly a snap, and the unit is suitable for use indoors or outdoors even if it rains. 

Protect your poultry from the elements with a raised perch as well as a removable dish. Cleaning is a breeze with this rabbit hutch’s two retractable pull-out trays. 

Things you need to keep in your mind

If you have to relocate the cage at any time, ensure sure your rabbit isn’t inside. When a rabbit is subjected to abrupt movement, it can become dizzy and unwell. Make sure the cage has a large door wherein the rabbit may hop out on its own, as they are prone to injury. This information will help you make an informed purchase of rabbit cages for your pets.

In addition, you should keep in mind that a tray must be placed under the cage throughout order to catch your rabbit’s faeces. Place newspaper or perhaps a larger tray underneath the cage in case droppings tumble from the side. It’s critical that you locate your cages in a location where it will be stable for an extended period of time.


In the garden or lawn or even within your house, rabbits are charming little animals who will enjoy their time with you. While they will like spending time with you, they may have to be housed in a rabbit house at some point. 

When you’re in bed, you’re more likely to experience this. There must be enough room in the cage for your rabbit to eat, drink & relax, as well as enough room for them to get about.

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