Best Hairstyles For Women

Are you thinking of putting on a different hair cut? Overwhelmed by so many choices available?  What if the decision goes wrong? What if it doesn’t suit you?

Wait! You are at the right place.

It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this. These are the questions that every woman secretly dreads. Hair is an integral part of the body, and you can’t ignore them. Wearing a chic hairstyle is as essential as emphasizing on the clothing styles and make-up.

Let’s get straight to the point. I’ll bring under your notice some trending hairstyles. Pick the one which you think you can carry gracefully.

C’mon! Experimenting a little with your hairs isn’t a big deal.


Let’s dive into the world of some cool hairstyles. Playing with the right one will give you a million bucks look.


The style hasn’t decayed with time. It is still a classy trend. Women from all over the world love experimenting with it. This hairstyle is a rolled bun with some floral touch. This look has its distinct vigour, elegance, and class. Are you the one who yearns for style and grace? Smack!  You can’t give up on this evergreen look.

A quick tutorial:

  • Brush your hair neatly.
  • Take some of your hairs from both sides and roll them separately (whole the length long.
  • Tie them with a rubber band
  • Roll the entire hair carefully from bottom up.
  • Pin them securely at every step.
  • Pin the flowers all along (choose the floral attachment according to your choice, season and occasion).

Preferred hair and face type: You can try it with any kind of hair. It will look well on oval or round-faced women.

When and where to try: Wear them during summer weddings or any family event. Girls in their 20’s must try this. Wearing an ethnic dress with this style will double your grace.


The world always looks upon Asia for hairstyling inspirations. They have their unique methods that stand entirely exclusive. Don’t let it go if you’re bored with casual looks.

A quick tutorial

  • Brush the hairs.
  • Part them from the exact centre.
  • Take a bunch of hair from the middle and make a fluffy tease. Pin it up carefully
  • Taking the strands from both sides, make a messy braid. Tie it with a rubber band.
  • Catch the entire hair in a ponytail.
  • Turn your ponytail into a bun (make sure, you left some hairs untied beneath the hair-bun)
  • Put on a ribbon around the bun

Preferred hair and face type: Straight and silky hairs are best for this. Women with square, round, or heart shape will rock with this.  Be sure to check out options like Sydney hair straightening.

When and where to try: Women in their 30’s can try it. Wear a casual dress with this. Style it in winter parties.


The style allows you to leave the hair untied on the shoulders. This effortless style won’t take much of your time. You can get this pretty look in minutes.

A quick tutorial

  • Make a semi side parting of the hairs. Leave them to hang on the shoulders.
  • Use a hair curler to roll the lower ends of hair.

Preferred hair and face type: Try it if you have a heart or diamond-shaped face — Will suit on the hair of any kind.

When and where to try: You can try this daily wear style anytime, anywhere. More suitable for women before their 30’s.


This creative and trending hairstyle gives you a modern look. It is a combo of 3-4 haircuts. Including long layered Bob, curly undercut, pixie cut, etc.

In this, two locks of hair hang uncut on both the sides of the cheek. The rest are kept short and folded.

Preferred hair and face type: Try it on silky hairs and an oval-shaped face.

When and where to try: Young women can wear it occasionally in all the seasons.


Don’t you have curly hairs?  Not a big problem. Use a curler to curl them completely. It is common among fizzy hairstyles. Curly hairs will give you a hippie and modern look.

Preferred hair and face type: You can try this with all the hairs and face types.

When and where to try: Perfect for young women during winters.


This low-maintenance look is a modern trend. This voguish hairstyle is too cool to handle.

Preferred hair and face type: You can try it anyway.

When and where to try: Both young and adult women can try this occasionally. A western outfit will look good with it.


This haircut is the latest trend all over the world. This blunt cut is done in a way that one side of hair has a thicker bang, which covers the chubby cheeks.

Preferred hair and face type: Ideal for those with a chubby and stout face

When and where to try: Women in their late 20’s and 30’s can carry it casually in all the events.


The style is too cool to handle. The method includes shaving a part of the head.  The rest of the head is left with some lengthy hairs. To get a curly undercut, you can curl the unwanted hairs.

Preferred hair and face type: Will suit with all kinds.

When and where to try: Young women can try this in dance parties and clubs. Wear western dresses with them.


Catch your long straight hairs in a high ponytail and slay all the way around!

Preferred hair and face type: This is perfect for round and oval faces. Suitable for straight and smooth hair.

When and where to try: Looks great at parties and dinner. Younger women and teen-agers can try this.


The boy cut is a sensational trend in secular society. Both men and women can have this intricate hairstyle.

Preferred hair and face type: Good to go with all the types of face and hair.

When and where to try: Good for both adult and young women. Try it in summers.


Tie your hairs in two long and messy braids to get this cosy and classy look.

Preferred hair and face type: Try this on long and thick hairs. Face shape is not a matter of consideration.

When and where to try: Good for family events and parties. This style is best for women in their 20’s


This style will give adult women a youthful and quirky look. The curly one-sided bang covers the forehead. Rest the hairs are loosely left behind to hang.

Preferred hair and face type: This style suits on slightly heavy faces. There’s no restriction of hair type.

When and where to try: Women in the late ’40s will look freaking in this.


The style includes both long layered bobs and bangs. You also don’t have to worry about the upkeep with this haircut.

Preferred hair and face type: Face shape could be any, but your hairs must be long and thick.

When and where to try: The style is perfect for workplaces and universities during winter.


Having a unique hairstyle can improve your looks drastically. I’ve mentioned some of the most trendy and appealing styles above. No one can stop you from taking a plunge and try one out of these.