Best Finishes for Concrete Polishing

Concrete is one of the best versatile construction materials with great applications. You can mold it into any desired shape, size, and finishes when it is in its green form. With the help of different techniques and pieces of equipment, you can create beautiful and long-lasting concrete surfaces with high aesthetic value. Explore the best finishes for concrete polishing discussed below. And you can click the following link to contact a professional Concrete Resurfacing East Brisbane service provider.

Troweled finish

This is the most common finish of the concrete. After the concrete isplaced in the formwork, you should use a trowel for finishing. The trowel helps in smoothing the concrete. You can also use a mechanical trowel for the task. You should open the following link to get the best commercial concrete polishing that will surely meet your requirement.

Broom finish

It has rough textures. You can obtain it by dragging the broom all over the trowelled surface of concrete. It creates small ridges in the concrete and features resistance to slip. However, you should make sure that you drag the broom while the concrete is fresh.

Stamped concrete finish

You can obtain the finish by pressing the required patterns on the freshly leveled concrete. This looks similar to the stones for example slates or flagstones, brick, and tiles. Stamped finished concrete is the most trendy design today. It has wide applications in patios, car porches, driveways, and sidewalks.

Salt finish

There are three simple steps to create this finish. Firstly, insert coarse rock salt crystals with the help of a roller on the fresh concrete surface. Secondly, wait for the hardening of the concrete. Thirdly, wash it off with streams of water. The finish gives a rough, decorative look to the concrete. It also features skid resistance. It has wide applications in constructing  swimming pools.

Exposed aggregate finish

To achieve this finish, you must have to level the concrete floor surface and distribute aggregate evenly. Make sure to keep air voids  as little as possible. Use a diamond polisher to polish the surface. Moreover, you must polish the concrete after it is partially cured. Finally, apply a fine grade protection layer to maintain the finish.

Swirl finish

It is generated by smearing the concrete surface in a uniformly overlapping circular pattern. The finish features resistance to slip and hence it is great for outdoor applications. It provides a safer walk, especially in the wet season.

Polished finish

You can achieve this finish by a mechanical process of grinding and polishing. Also, use a penetrant chemical to provide a different texture to the concrete. You require specific tools and types of equipment for the task.

Colored finish

You can accomplish colored finishing through mix-added pigments or post-cure staining. It helps to achieve a pleasing look that matches with the rest of the building environment theme. Add the pigments directly to the concrete mix before pouring or apply stains to the concrete of any age to obtain a more vibrant finish.


The article discusses some of the amazing techniques to achieve different finishes for concrete polishing. You just need to follow the right technique with the right approach to achieve flawless polished concrete. You can also connect to our team with professional expertise to help you out. Visit our website  and get the job done.