Best Designs for Orange County Pools 2021


There is nothing more confusing than deciding your swimming pool design. Even more so when it is your first time getting one. Of course, out of gazillions of choices out there, choosing the one that suits your home is pretty overwhelming. To make it easier, we have rounded up some of the best designs for orange county pools popular today. So, let’s dig in.

Top Designs for Orange County Pools

1. Infinity Pools

It is somewhat a new trend the water level is the same as the edges, creating an optical illusion. They look absolutely stunning, especially when you have a vast pool area. On wider land, they will look as if the water is touching the horizon.

Some hotels have adopted this extravagance and took it on another level by putting the infinity pool on the rooftop. It may not be a cup of tea for faint hearts, but one thing is for sure; there is nothing more beautiful than an infinity pool up in the sky.

On the other hand, some may find it dangerous which is just a rumor they are incredibly safe, and the edges have a deep surface so that the person doesn’t go overboard.

2. Traditional Round Swimming Pools

If you are looking for a pool that goes well with the conventional architecture, then this is what you might want. Rounds pools can be a good option for having a small space to spend some good family time. You can decorate it with natural stones to make it look more relaxing and serene. However, if you want to swim laps, this may not work well for you, considering it doesn’t offer long distances. For swimming purposes, you may want to get the rectangular or oval-shaped orange county pools. But the reason they are here on the list is that they are easiest to clean and put a shade on.

3. Free Form Pools

If you have a tight fit backyard but want a pool anyway, a free form pool can help your case. They have a flexible structure with no hard angles or straight lines. But can be of any style — from a simple natural-style orange county pool to a fancy lagoon. The flexibility of the shape allows you to put up interesting features to make the small space more interesting. For instance, you can add a little waterfall around a curvy corner to cover it up. Or, you can throw in a spa area for more convenience.

4. Geometric Pools

Geometric Orange County pools, as the name implies, come in shapes having hard angles and shape lines square, rectangle, rhombus, oval, etc. They give out a more contemporary and traditional feel, but you can always make them fancy by manipulating the sharp corners.

Moreover, they are best if you are a swimmer, giving you all the space to make laps. Plus, they can be interesting as well, unlike the popular belief. You can add a separate waterfall, or make extra space for children, having shallow water the options are limitless, depending on the area and your budget.

5. Kidney Pools

Not having enough backyard space is a common problem amongst homeowners. They are left with unstylish options, but with kidney pools, you can certainly keep the style. They are easy to fit into congested spaces and can be flexible with the surrounding. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are actually a blend between sleek freeform orange county pools and traditional architecture rounded on the ends and have a slight curve in the overall shape. And that is also why they are named so.

6. Figure 8 Pool

They are somewhat an enhanced version of their cousin; kidney pools – figure-8 pools, as suggested in the name, have a looped shaped. They offer the benefits of both rectangular and round shaped orange county pools. The long form allows you to swim laps, while the rounded shape makes it easier to maintain.

Further, they give out more surface area than kidney pools, making them a better choice for people having enough room in their backyard. No doubt, they are somewhat boring in comparison to other styles, but you can always spice things up by using interesting features.

7. Lazy-L Shape Pools

Deciding a shape isn’t easy, especially when you have a lot in mind. For example, a single geometry offers different functions, but what if you want a multi-functional pool? In that case, the lazy-L shaped orange county pools will serve the purpose. The long area will work as a deep place for swimming or diving. Whereas the separated “L” corner will be the shallower region for play activities. You can also put up a fence to separate the deep region if you have children at home.

8. Grecian Pools

Grecian or classic pools are a more stylish version of geometric orange county pools. It gets the name from the Romans and the Greeks, considering they invested in this type of architecture. By combining a rectangular pool with modified angles and radius on every corner, these pools mix simple and elegant styles together.

They come in two common designs hard 90-degree corners, and a soft inward rounding. Whichever you choose will go with the overall vibe of your backyard.

9. Hybrid Indoor/And Outdoor Pools

Wouldn’t love having a pool that goes from your house to the outside? These pools combine striking architecture and give you a stunning place to get soaked all day long. But you may have to combine various styles and invest a good deal of money to construct a hybrid pool system. They also work best when you don’t have enough space in your backyard.

10. Thermal Swimming Pool

There isn’t a better way to cope with the harshness of winter than a thermal swimming pool in the back. It may be a fancy word for a hot spring, but it gives much more than that — style, beauty, and unparalleled elegance. Plus, most of the thermal pools come with a built-in temperature regulatory system, allowing you to control the temperature as the weather goes warm.

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