Best Charities to Donate in 2021: 10 Fundraising Names You Must Check Out

Charities are mediums that help humanitarian causes to reach their financial goals much faster. They allow you to donate money towards programs that could positively impact people around a particular area. However, charities also exist as a way of standardizing any financial goodwill you might have for humanity.

What are the best charities to donate to in 2021? You have numerous options today, with most of them in response to the global pandemic of which we’re slowly coming out. It’s best to give to the non-profit organization that you think might have the most impact in its field. That’s why we’ve come up with ten of the best charity programs you should check out before you start making donations. You can also check to discover ways you can donate to these charities.

Food for Life Global

Food for Life Global is an excellent option worthy of your donations. It’s a nonprofit vegan food relief organization that’s pioneered feeding projects across several countries where malnutrition is an issue.

Also, the charity offers partnership and affiliate programs that make volunteer mobilization much more convenient.  You can be sure that your donations would be put to good use with Food for Life Global, as the organization is easily one of the best charities to donate to in 2021.

World Central Kitchen

WCK is a charity food relief organization that aims to feed hungry mouths globally. For such a noble cause, it’s got impressive numbers to show for it. The World Central Kitchen has served over 20 million meals since its inception in 2010. In 2021, it whips up about a quarter-million meals daily to help provide emergency food relief for areas most affected by the pandemic.

Relief International

Relief International focuses on three critical areas in disadvantaged parts of the world: feeding, medical access, and education. To this end, the charity has its stations in 16 countries, providing medical aids and materials. Due to COVID-19, Relief International is helping these nations set up more isolation centers and provide more care packages to patients.

Cancer Research Institute

If you’re looking for a more specific charity to donate to, the Cancer Research Institute is clear enough. It seeks to fund research into therapy treatments for the various types of cancer we have today. CRI’s notable activities include training programs for budding researchers, public education on cancer treatment, and clinical testing of immunotherapy drugs.

Furthermore, the Cancer Research Institute is efficient with the funds it receives. A Report showed that it spent 87 percent of each dollar it received for its programs.

Save the Children

Save the Children is a charity program committed to safeguarding the future of children across the world. Its focus is on war-torn countries with concentrated refugee camps. A part of Save the Children’s mission states that it gives “children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.”

However, mission statements wouldn’t matter as much if charities don’t stand by them. You’d be glad to know that Save the Children has recorded excellent strides in achieving its aim. It got the “A+” rating from Charity Watch, which monitors international charitable organizations to ensure they meet their responsibilities.

Partners in Health

There’s a ubiquitous need to make modern medicine available to poor areas, as they direly need it more. Partners in Health is a charity organization that pushes for better medicare for the poor by collaborating with other sister foundations and charities that already have a presence in those areas.

Partners in Health has been keeping to their mission so far, as Charity Navigator gave it four stars out of a possible four.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide aid and response to victims of natural disasters and civil unrest. It would interface with frontline health workers and provide them with equipment and supplies from charitable donations.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) is another nonprofit organization that offers medical aid to the most vulnerable countries. It’s entirely independent, and that means it could extend assistance to places that sanction governmental assistance. Beyond medicine, the charity advocates for inclusion, equity, and diversity in many societies.

You can tell that Doctors Without Borders is serious about its mission and responsibilities, as it has a stellar review from Charity Watch

Compassion International

Are you Christian or looking to donate towards a Christian cause? Compassion International is a prominent Christian charity to which you can give. It currently has its presence in 26 countries, starting in 1952 to help children victims of the Korean war.

The charity’s primary mission is to cater to children’s basic physical, economic, and spiritual needs. It provides food for the hungry, medicine, shelter, and Christian training for kids to help them grow to become productive Christian adults.

Charity monitoring bodies rate Compassion International highly. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about your donations getting used for anything other than the stated mission.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

If you’re in the US, Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the best charities to donate to in 2021, and that’s for verifiable reasons. Its mission is to improve the well-being of critically ill kids by granting their most desired wishes. For such a humble mission, Make-A-Wish Foundation has achieved numerous in the states and internationally.

The charity facilitated several life-saving treatment programs for kids and gave them hope of having their wishes come true in the face of life-threatening illnesses.

If the mere noble idea doesn’t sway you, Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the few charity donation websites that give a regularly updated breakdown of how they use the donations they get. These characteristics make for a charitable organization that you can trust.

Wrapping Up

There’s still humanity left in our world today, despite the rough times we might be facing globally. We have numerous humanitarian causes you might want to donate to, but you must take the proper steps.

Also, it’s best to donate to an organization that stays true to its missions and vision. Unfortunately, some nonprofit bodies aren’t entirely accountable, and the charitable organizations mentioned above are some of the most reputable ones you can find in 2021.