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The time when your baby walks for the first time is a moment which is very close to the heart of the parents. Though, once your baby has evolved into a proper walker, the question of getting them the first pair of shoes arises! It may seem easy at first, but when you actually think about it, you understand that the first choice is something that most would put a lot thought on and also why not, after all, it’s more like a celebration only.

We understand how much importance the first choice of shoes hold, and that’s why we took out time to research on the best baby walking shoes for 2020. We are hopeful that you are going to like this short and sweet list of the best baby walking shoes. That being said, let’s hit it up!

Carter’s Kids’ Infant 1st Walker Park Fashion Sneaker

Mostly, the top quality walking shoes for babies are made out of natural fabrics and premium leather, which ultimately increases the price. Though, this time we have a pair of shoes from Carter’s, made out of synthetic materials. This decreases the final cost of the shoes, but the surprising thing is that the quality features are not at all compromised.

When talking about the style, you are going to love these shoes as they are so amazing that you can literally pull them off with most kind of outfits. For traction, you find grooves on the soles. All in all, the shoes are pretty lightweight and flexible at an affordable cost.

Soft Sole Leather Moccasins

What’s it like to walk wearing shoes and still feel like walking barefoot? Well, not you, but your baby can definitely experience that feel through these shoes. This product from Freshly Picked has been made completely out of soft leather, yes, you read that right, these are not your regular rubber shoes. The soft leather is the reason why wearing this would feel like walking barefoot.

The shoes are very spacious and lightweight, making it very comfortable for a baby to walk. Infact, you are free to even use these as crib shoes as there’s so much variety and the elastic goes all the way up to the ankle. The interesting thing to note here is that the shoes will literally take up the shape of the feet as there’s no signs of any left or right on either of them.

Bare Steps Sneaker

Bare Steps Sneaker come directly from the house of one of the industry’s professionals: Merrell. For those who don’t know, Merrell are commonly known for manufacturing high quality hiking boots for adults. Though, when it comes to the baby shoes department, they are equally amazing and phenomenal.

The shoes come loaded with amazing features like flexible grooves and sturdy rubber outsoles. Also, there’s enough extra space for the chubby baby feet. Merrell is a brand that focuses on churning out good quality outdoor shoes and similarly, is in the case of these ones. So, if you are much of an outdoor person accompanied with your baby, then you may consider going for this option. We suggest you open the link to find high-quality kids footwear that comes at an affordable price.


When looking for the best choices, we undertook a lot of factors into consideration, including materials, fit, design, traction, and what not! After hours and hours of research, we selected the above mentioned top picks! You may think, that why did we put so much time into baby walking shoes, after all they are just like any other normal shoes?

Well, my friend, if you think that, then you are probably mistaken as the walking shoes for babies are totally different from that of the adult’s and older kids. We won’t go into much detailing as why and how is that, but just know that the overall shape and structure of a baby’s feet is different from the latter ones.


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