Benefits of Maintaining Air Conditioners


In every household, air-conditioning is a must nowadays.

That is due to climate change which causes the temperatures to rise from day to day, especially during the summer season. With spiking heat yearly, an establishment, home, or commercial space seeks to install air conditioning.

Because of its ability to provide hydration that prevents heat stroke, reduces asthma attacks, lessens insects, improves performance in work, etc.

Also, owning an air-conditioner in our home may give us several health benefits because of its capability of filtering the air.

Given its capability and benefits, maintaining the air-conditioner is very important. It can filter unwanted dirt, dust, pollen and allergens that might be in the air that are not visible by our naked eyes.

The AC prevents us from some unwanted diseases. However, having an AC must have its consistency.

At least once or twice a year, the system must receive proper air-conditioning service from professionals like HVAC Peoria AZ.

These professionals can ultimately ensure that your air conditioner is in top shape, and functions effectively and efficiently.

Here are eight benefits of why you should maintain your air conditioner

Provides hydration

Having an air-conditioner in your home may provide a constant supply of ventilation. Also, the air that vents out of the appliance are much cooler and makes a more comfortable indoor feel.

This cooling effect also benefits the skin by that helps maintain moisture. That said, you indeed enjoy having an AC because it helps minimize the wrinkles and perking of the skin. A cool area may also be suitable for indoor exercise to keep an overall healthy body.

Prevents stroke

As it creates less humidity in our surroundings, it may prevent strokes caused by high humidity. Mainly in high weather/areas, vapour cannot evaporate properly, leaving our body feeling hot. That may result in excessive sweating and increased blood circulation, which may cause heat stress and stroke.

That is why having an air-conditioner is ideal and essential in keeping the temperature in your house cool and cosy. As it keeps the temperature at a cool level, it also allows it to minimize the possibility of someone having a heat stroke due to the warm and humid temperature outside.

Filters the air

Air-conditioning can also filter airborne allergen, dust and pollen that may lead to asthma symptoms. Because of its filter, the system can prevent and reduce the possibility of an asthma attack.

As it filters the air, our surroundings become safer to breathe, free from various bacteria and viruses in the air. A much healthier environment for adults and especially for kids keeps them away from any unnecessary pollution/ allergen.

Better sleep

Due to its capability to cool the environment, it calms the mind and body due to tiring day work. Resting properly keeps our heart healthy, reduces stress, improves memory, reduces disease risk etc., which may lead to having a healthy body.

Getting enough rest enables an individual to be ready to do tasks when you wake up.

It prevents electronics from overheating

As we all know, heat can seriously damage electronics, like shortening their lifespan, which may lead to losing data.

Having an air conditioning unit in our home can be very helpful because less humidity minimizes the heat that may have serious effects on our electronics. Not only can it lengthen its lifespan, but by having filters in it, it also lessens the dust that may create dampness inside our electronics.

That is why air-conditioning can be very important in a household, for it minimizes the heat of our electronics and lengthens their durability.

Enhances efficiency

Daily work consumes every individual, and often this may lead to poor performance, whether in our home or workplace. That is why having an air-conditioner benefits an individual on a hot and tiring day.

Working in a well-ventilated area uplifts an employee, improves performance and makes them more productive. It enables one to work efficiently and thinks properly to do given tasks.

Keeps insects away

Tiny insects can sometimes be irritating as they bring various diseases such as dengue, malaria, Zika virus, etc. It disturbs the safety and comfort of your home.

Having an air-conditioner installed in your home may prevent insects because it allows the house and the room to have less humidity, and this prevents these pesky insects from inhabiting your home and your workplace.

A pest-free home may lower the risk of illnesses that the insects carry and spread. These can cause health problems in humans and pets. Owning an AC would be beneficial because it may prevent us from acquiring harmful diseases that insects may carry.

Purifies air

For some who have allergies, the air conditioning unit is very helpful and maintains it in top shape. Acquiring an air conditioning unit can refresh the air for the cleaner and fresher air. It purifies the air in its filter as it sucks indoor air, which prevents dust and pollution particles that may reduce health issues such as breathing complications like asthma.

It can also lessen dust particles that could often lead to acne and skin rashes—giving us cool and purified air.

Ways to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Since you already know the benefits of maintaining your air conditioners in top shape, you should also know how to keep them. We must also be aware of the system’s condition, due to its continuous use, as to when and how we should maintain it.

Clear drain line

Drain lines are used to drain too much moisture from the AC. When the unit is often used, algae and some forms of bacteria may build up in it that may cause clogging and blockage in the pathway. To prevent this from happening, we must ensure it is clean by a simple step of putting a cup of bleach in the drain line from time to time.

Keping air-conditioning clean

Coils in the AC collect dirt over time through frequent usage. Check if there are plants and leaves near the unit. Clean and remove those that may cause dirt in the equipment. Having these near the unit may reduce the airflow and its ability to absorb heat from its surroundings, Making it hard to do its job and might cause parts to break down. A visit to a maintenance facility may avoid such problems.

Clean air filters

If your air conditioner is in constant use, this may cause the system to build dust and produce poor cold airflow. Leaving it dirty for a long time means the air it lets out is also unclean. Replacing or cleaning the air filters annually may improve efficiency and better health.

Remove plants

Aside from cleaning the inside of your unit, we must also see to it that its surroundings are clean as well by trimming unwanted plants and shrubs, because these may decrease the airflow from the air-conditioning, which may reduce its capacity.

Make sure coil fins are straight

Coils of condense and aluminium fins can bend easily. From time to time, check coil and fins are straight. If not straightened, airflow may be blocked as it passes through the ring to enable the unit to work correctly.

Schedule maintenance

To ensure an air-conditioner’s efficiency, see that you make a schedule for professional maintenance. We cannot see things in a unit that may cause it not to function correctly. Making an appointment with a professional tends to know about its components, and having them may lengthen your air-conditioner’s lifespan.

Get a thermostat

Acquiring a programmable thermostat saves money and makes the unit have a longer life. This allows you to set temperatures automatically, and you have to adjust it to whatever temperature suits you but automatically lower the temperature to save energy costs.

Add in a line duct booster

Usually, the cooling effect of an AC is not enough to fill a big room. To have its full effect, In-line booster fans are attached to the top of the unit, walls and ceilings, depending on your choice of model. These boosters can increase the airflow in a room, which is beneficial for spacious rooms/ houses.

Unclog the condensate drain tube

Air-conditioning coils contain various bacterias that form slime clogs from the condensation to the drain tube. To avoid these, you may clean or fix this problem by changing it with a larger hose or putting chemical tablets in the drain tube.

Buy the right size

Often people want to buy an air conditioning unit, but you might ask yourself if you bought the right size for your home. Buying a suitable unit for your home saves you time and money on choosing the right one, so be careful in purchasing. You must also consider the area and the kind of unit you want to buy that is suitable for your place.

Cover the air condenser properly

Being able to secure the air condenser to protect it from possible falling debris or in preparation for the winter. This leads to wrapping by some. By doing this, moisture will form, causing the equipment to rust and damage. You can simply put plywood or bricks on top of the condenser unit based on its outdoor use build.

















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