Begin Prepping Your Spring Cleaning Now

The snow and ice are set to melt in the upcoming weeks, and despite the persistence of both, we can almost feel the return of that glorious, glorious thing — spring! There’s something about the springtime that practically beckons people to clean the house.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can prep your home now for tomorrow’s spring clean.

Hire Pest Control

Looking under the sink and finding a cockroach is, among other things, pretty gross. Whether you’re by yourself or hosting some company, pests indoors make for an unseemly sight. Plus, they leave droppings and potentially carry sicknesses, which makes them a health hazard.

Hire a local pest control company that has experience eradicating various pests, like cockroaches, ants, birds, mice, rats, mice, bedbugs, and more. The business you hire should use chemicals strong enough to kill the pests, but friendly to your pets, and safe for the environment.

Choosing a local company instead of a corporate chain helps ensure the people in your home are friendly and attentive.

Purge Unnecessary Things

You’ll find that a spring cleaner is easier to carry out when there’s less junk around. If you have old stuff that is truly unnecessary, either give it away to someone who could use it, sell it, or throw it out. You don’t need to become a hardcore Marie Kondo devotee and throw out whatever doesn’t spark joy.

However, reducing clutter is a great preamble to a big clean. Whether it’s from your closets and drawers to the cosmetics counter in your washroom, eliminate stuff you don’t need. Your home will feel lighter and even less weighed down.

Cordless Vacuums with HEPA Filters

The days of needing to plug the vacuum into a different outlet every time you enter a new room are over. Today, it’s easy to find inexpensive cordless vacuums that stay charged for long enough to clean a small home in one go.

You don’t necessarily need to splurge on the latest model from a high-end brand. High-quality vacuums offer enough power and suction to clean things like pet hair without breaking the bank. Make sure there’s a HEPA filter, so that it can trap even the tiniest particles.

Read the reviews carefully and choose the vacuum that’s right for you. If you get it now before spring starts, you’ll be ready to clean at the first sign of melting snow.

Use Natural Ingredients

Have you ever looked at all the bottles of cleaning solutions in the store and wondered, how did people clean their homes before the invention of spray bottles? Often, people’s homes were, in fact, dirty!

But when they were clean, it probably was because they used things like vinegar and lemon to make fresh-smelling solutions to rinse off dirt and grime. You can use an old spray bottle and pour your homemade solution into it.

Home is more fun to be in when it’s clean, so keep these tips in mind and take them up now so you’re ready for spring cleaning.