Bed Decoration Tips For The Interior Designer


Most people forget how valuable sleep is to their overall health, and they often take it for granted. Various factors play a vital role in achieving a good amount of sleep every day, and one of these is having a comfortable bed to sleep on. Without a good mattress providing optimal comfort, people won’t feel as energized to start their days.


Therefore, everyone should invest in affordable but high-quality mattresses to put on their beds. It’s essential to know different mattresses that websites like Savvy Sleeper recommends to achieve a good night’s sleep. Aside from a decent bed, your surroundings while you rest and sleep should also look clean and pleasant, which can be done through the right decorations. To make your bedroom look luxurious and comfortable without spending too much, here are some helpful bed decoration tips:

Lighting is the Key

Proper lighting is extremely important in increasing the functionality and comfort of staying in your bed. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a room with good lighting? Through adding small tables, a sofa, or a study space, you can spend most of your time inside your bedroom doing homework, watching movies, reading books, and other recreational activities.

For ambient lighting that will be utilized for the whole room, make sure to place your lights in the middle of the room. This will make sure that every corner of your room is well-lit. Meanwhile, place your dim lights near your headboard where you’ll spend your time reading. Also, dim lights and small lampshades on your bedside table can highly contribute to your relaxation.

Other lighting options that you need certainly depends on your activities inside the bedroom. Tiny lampshades won’t allow you to see better, especially during the night, but there are other lighting options as well. Wall lamps are perfect for walls with other decorations, as it casts a warm and healthy glow that doubles as a complementary decoration to your other ornaments. You can place wall lamps on both sides of your bed for a stronger and prettier glow.

Tone It Down

Regardless of any style and theme that you want to follow in decorating your bedroom, tone it down as much as possible. Bedrooms are the best place for resting and relaxation and you won’t like to overwhelm your tired eyes with exaggerated decorations and patterns in your bedroom, especially the area around your bed. Initially, make your bedroom walls clean and with solid colors, or a little bit of texture, and you can add these on the empty space over your bed:

  • Place a horizontal mirror or painting that’s the same as the headboard’s width
  • Add a wall painting about anything specific that you love, like your favorite TV shows or movies
  • Put up a patterned tapestry or rug

Choose only necessary objects that you’ll put inside your bedroom, especially if you only have a small space to work with. Your dresser or cabinet, a bedside table, and a chair are the most fundamental elements that you can add. Aside from these, you can still add more things inside your bedroom as long as they won’t look cluttered and irrelevant. Find space to put other objects away, which leads to the next tip.

Give Importance to Storage

To make your bedroom ambience feel more relaxed and tidy, consider having various storage where you can keep all your clutter. In this way, the space near your bed will also look roomy and organized without extra objects like makeup, electronic devices and accessories, and other random things scattered on your bedside table or even on top of your bed. Here are some excellent ideas:

  • Add small drawers under your bed to keep your pillowcases and bed sheets. If you want to store your important belongings, such as your money, cards, and documents, keep the drawer handle simple and unnoticeable, as if there are no drawers at all.
  • Add one row of bookshelves over your head to keep your books, notebooks, or accessories that you often use. Make sure that the distance is easily reachable enough but the shelves are secure so the object won’t accidentally fall on your head.
  • Find a bedside table equipped with drawers where you can keep your eyeglasses, phone, earphones, and watch after using them. In the morning, you won’t have trouble finding and reaching for them since it’s accessible.


Having a well-lit and decorated bedroom can help you with different tasks that you have to accomplish in your daily routine. Moreover, you’ll find more peace and comfort staying on your bed to take a short rest, nap, or even a good night’s sleep. Decorations that are both appealing and functional on your bed can significantly contribute to your sleeping experience, and you’ll have enough energy and motivation to start your morning.

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