Becoming a Travel Nurse Practitioner

Travel nursing jobs come in many kinds. One of the top-rated travel nurse jobs is a travel nurse practitioner. Becoming a travel nurse practitioner requires specific qualifications and requirements before you can be qualified as one. Getting familiar with all the details of a travel nurse practitioner will be wise before getting the job. In that way, you can prepare yourself better and know what to expect.

Steps on How to Become a Travel Nurse Practitioner

Achieve Education Requirement

One should take a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. All the necessary basics in becoming a nurse will be taught so you can also have hands-on experience during your clinical rotation.

Pass the NCLEX Exam

They should be able to pass the NCLEX exam and have a license as a registered nurse. All nurses will not be legit unless they pass the exam and are tagged as registered nurses.

Finish a Master’s Degree

Nurse practitioners should be able to finish 4 to 8 years of schooling in a Master’s degree in nursing. However, there are accelerated nurse practitioner programs for RNs so that they can complete their schooling in a shorter amount of time than what’s traditionally required. Nurse practitioners handle more tasks and responsibilities compared with regular nurses that’s why a master’s degree is required. During your master’s degree, you can choose a specialty you want to focus on.

Take the NP Board Exam

Board examination is a difficult test. Once you pass it you will be able to use this to get a state license in your residence as well as use this in the places where you will be practicing your profession.

Acquire a Multiple State License

Some states belong to the Nursing Licensure Compact. When entering this state they require an extra license for non-residents who want to work in their area. As a travel nurse it is wise to be always ready so getting a multiple state license will be best.

Find a Staffing Agency

Working as a travel nurse will be easier if you will be working under staffing agencies. Staffing agencies’ goal is to be able to employ more nurses and meet the demand for nurses in medical facilities who need staff. Connecting with travel nurse agencies can give you broader job opportunities as a nurse practitioner.

What are your expectations for travel nurses?

It is important to ask yourself this question. Expectations can help you have an idea on what are the things that can happen once you work as a travel nurse practitioner. Listing expectations can lessen disappointments and will serve as your guide on what to look forward to and what to look for in a staffing agency.

What is the highest-paid nurse practitioner?

Knowing how much you can earn can serve as your inspiration and your basis for what you want to choose. Since each location pays different rates. Plus if you will be working with a staffing agency you can choose the areas you will get assigned to and you can request to be assigned to places that have higher rates. Nurse practitioners have different specialties and some of the top paid are the following:

Family Nurse practitioners

Family Nurse practitioners earn an average of $105,898 annually. This rate is for regular family nurse practitioners; it means you can earn more if you opt to choose to work as a travel nurse practitioner.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

A regular psychiatric nurse practitioner can earn an average of $107,309 yearly. Travel psychiatric nurse practitioners can earn more than that since they get paid higher than regular nurses.

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

An anesthetic nurse practitioner can earn an average of $100,377 annually. For travel, aesthetic nurse practitioners can earn more.

The details on becoming a travel nurse practitioner, if you are qualified at present then connect with a staffing agency and start earning more. But if you still lack qualifications then work on it so you will be able to work as a travel nurse practitioner in a few months or years. Working as a travel nurse can give you more opportunities to earn more as well as get more exposure that can be helpful to your career growth. Plus you can travel around the world at a lesser expense and still be able to practice your profession. Grab the opportunity and go for a travel nursing job and you won’t regret your decision.