Become Better at Playing Golf This Summer – Here is How


Golf is a sport for the masses, whether you think it is or not. People of all ages can enjoy the sport and enjoy the challenge of getting better. Whether it’s heading to the range to work on your swing or heading out with 3 of your mates on a Sunday morning for 18 holes, golf is one of those sports that is difficult not to love. 

That is until you start hitting poor shot after poor shot. It’s a sophisticated game that requires practice, and you can get plenty of it with an indoor golf studio setup and by buying a home launch monitor, one of the most well-liked golf simulation toolkits, specifically for indoor golf setups. If you’re looking to improve your game a little before the next friend tournament, then take a look at some of the following tips. Get Lessons From Your Local Pro

As simple as this seems, not many people realize just how good the pros are at their local golf course or range. There are a fair few golfers that have plus handicaps that still struggle to make it onto the tours as it’s an expensive way of life if you aren’t making the cut. This means they’re running golf academies or teaching at the local courses. Having people that have potentially played on tour for a few seasons or have a handicap you can only dream of will be hugely helpful when it comes to improving your game. If you’re serious enough, grab 10 lessons with a pro and watch your game dramatically improve over the next few months. 

Use Swing Trainers & Teaching Aids 

Sometimes golf is all about muscle memory and being able to replicate certain movements in your swing without thinking. This requires a lot of ball hitting, and you won’t always have a professional watching to tell you when you’re doing something right or not. This is where the teaching aids come in handy. Swing trainers and teaching aids are there to hone your swing and allow your body to feel the correct techniques over and over again, making it much easier to swing perfectly when you’re next out on the course. Discovering each of these aids can be difficult as there are plenty out there, click here to find some golfing peer reviews on some of the trainers out there that will assist your game. Take them to the range and practice as much as you can. It’s one of the only ways to get better. 

Drive For Show, Putt For Dough 

If you’re new to golf, then you might not have heard this classic saying thrown around every golf course on the planet. If you break it down, it means you can hit the best drives that leave you in amazing places, but if you can’t put the ball in the hole, you’ll never win any money. Golf gets serious when you walk onto the green, and putting is something you’ll need to master in order to get your handicap down.   The decision to hit a golf draw vs fade often depends on the layout of the hole, wind direction, and personal preference of the golfer.

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Drive For Show, Putt For Dough 

Professionals spend hours working on their putting every week. In fact, they will spend more time on their short game than any other aspect as it’s what is going to enable them to get that win. If you want to become better at golf, spend some time on the putting green. It’s a sure-fire way to drop your score dramatically. 

Learn How To Hit Long Irons 

One thing many higher handicappers struggle with is hitting long irons, and it’s something you’re going to have to get used to if you’re going to get your handicap down. I’m not talking a 1 or 2 iron as even the pros don’t use them anymore, I’m talking your 5 and 4 iron. The number of times a high handicapper will be standing 190 to the hole and pull out a 6 or 7 iron because they’re too afraid to hit the distance is surprising. Learning how to hit these off the deck properly will improve your game tenfold as you’ll be able to reach par 4s in two shots and par 5s in three. You need to at least give yourself a chance to two-putt. Get down the range and have a long iron session. 

Your Ball Makes A Difference 

If you’re playing in a competition at your local club or even playing 18 holes that are going to contribute to your handicap, then make sure you’re using a decent ball. We aren’t talking Titleist Pro-V1 but something in the middle of the road. You can’t use a ball that’s damaged or has scuffs on it – it’s going to negatively affect your game, even if you don’t think it is. There are plenty of mid-range balls like the Srixon AD-333 or Bridgestone B330 that are very reasonable in price. This small change will affect the flight of the ball, the shape of your shot, and your putting on the green. 

Golf is a practice game. You have to put the time in to be able to get better and if you’re willing to do so then you’ll have a lot of fun at the same time. Use your time at the range wisely, and play with people that are better than you. This will help with course management and understanding when to play certain shots, and when to leave it alone. Enjoy golf this summer. 

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