Bathroom Workbook: How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost


A bathroom remodel project is one of the home projects that can make your house feel brand new even when it is not. Once you get clear on the things you wish to change in your bathroom, you need to develop a budget which is often one of the most demanding parts of the project. The cost of a bathroom remodel project depends on this list of desired upgrades and the resources that you have on hand. We share three main bathrooms remodel budget estimates for low, medium, and high-end renovations. Crown Remodelling & Design has a seven-day completion guarantee that helps clients complete their remodeling projects.

Low-Cost Bathroom Remodel

The most budget-friendly bathroom remodel projects can cost between USD 3,000 and 10,000. With such a project, you may not have the opportunity to rip out the entire bathroom, move the plumbing or change much of the layout. You can still achieve a fresher look by repainting the cabinets, changing the light fixtures, getting affordable sink accessories, and using cheaper material for all these. For the countertops, this budget can allow a low-end granite surface. If you need to change the tiling, you can do so in specific room areas, such as the backsplash or shower area.

To get the most of this basic budget, focus on low-end products and prioritize the places you need to change.  Look for small changes you can make through a do-it-yourself process like painting walls and cabinets, then reserve the more complex tasks like changing the light fixtures and tiling to professionals. Utilize off-the-shelf options that have significantly improved over the years and can give a high-end look even though you have a tight budget. You can continue this high-end look by focusing most of your budget on the accessories such as a quality light fixture, faucet, and hardware.

Mid-Cost Bathroom Remodel

If your budget exceeds the USD 10,000 discussed above and is under USD 32,000, you can make more significant changes to your bathroom. You are likely to get more high-end materials and accessories to spruce up your space. For instance, you can opt for a custom granite, marble, or quartz countertop fit for your space. You may also get to move things around, such as the plumbing to accommodate custom or a different kind of sink than what you had before.  It is best to leave the toilet intact to avoid blowing your budget because if you move your toilet, you will need to move more pipes and outlets throughout the entire bathroom.

Durable materials and accessories can feature in places like the light fixture. This kind of budget allows bronze, copper, or other durable materials that will last you up to a decade. It also provides custom cabinets that have unique features like custom legs for a high-end look. There is room to splurge on the showerhead and get one with multiple controls, extensions, and jets for a better experience when in use. With a mid-cost bathroom remodel, you do not have to put restraints on the tile work; you can tile the entire bathroom with your preferred tile within budget.

High-End Bathroom Remodel

With a budget of between USD 30,000 to over USD100,000, you can get an all luxury bathroom full of custom features. You get to rip out the entire bathroom top to bottom and create an entirely new layout that fits your current and future needs. There is the option of a freestanding tub with its independent faucet, which is easy on the eye. You can select the shower area placement, the materials to be used, the size, and the fixtures. The toilet can likewise shift location, and you get to choose a custom toilet for your space.

You can obtain high-end accessories with this kind of budget with the luxury of outsourcing all your labor. A classy light fixture can be used to make a statement on the space, as well as a custom-built vanity. Polished nickel fixtures and natural stone tiles are options for all or specific parts of the bathroom. Other luxuries like floor heatings are an option if you can set aside USD 70,000 or more for your bathroom remodel.

The budget estimates discussed here provide you a rough estimate of what to expect during your bathroom remodel. One major factor that can affect the cost is your state or location; urban areas and cities are more expensive in terms of labor and materials. Different businesses issue differing quotes for their services, so look out for quality and cost-effectiveness if you outsource work.

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