Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide


Good bathroom vanities can dramatically change the aesthetic of any bathroom. This is especially true if the homeowner is planning a bathroom makeover. Regardless of the style, a vanity can add an exclusive edge to any bathroom for many reasons.

But there are a few factors to remember in buying the right vanity for a bathroom to maximize its functionality and accessibility. Whether it is conventional, contemporary, or an amazing fusion of both, below are some amazing guides in buying the bathroom’s best vanity.

Measure the space

Before buying a bathroom vanity, it is crucial to get the right measurement of the bathroom. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Ensure there is enough space for all door openings and trim. Each space is different, so it is crucial to open the vanity’s drawers and doors to get their measurements and measure them against the bathroom’s dimensions. It is important to ensure that the vanity is not too big and won’t block the traffic’s flow.
  • Mind the bathroom’s current features like outlets, switches, and mirrors.
  • The location of the bathroom’s plumbing will determine the vanity’s width. Moving the plumbing can be very expensive.

Then, measure the sizes of the vanity cabinet. Consider the storage needs and who will use them. The regular countertop stands 31 to 35 inches, but it all depends on the homeowner’s preference.

It is also advisable to measure the countertop when buying a vanity without a top. Take the measurement of the width and depth of the vanity cabinet. The top of the vanity should be one inch deeper and one inch wider than the cabinet. Don’t forget the allowances for fillers, a piece of wood placed next to the vanity that closes its gap between the wall.

The style

Bathroom vanities have two types: built-in and freestanding. Built-ins are best for larger spaces, offering more countertop storage and space. On the other hand, freestanding vanities are perfect for small spaces and come in various styles. Here are some styles for consideration:

  • Floating vanities are best for modern and smaller bathrooms. These vanities are wall-mounted and have no legs, making small bathrooms feel more spacious.
  • Corner bathroom vanities are also best for small bathrooms or bathrooms with awkward layouts. These vanities take little space and come in contemporary and conventional styles. However, they are small and offer small counter space, too.
  • Sharing is no longer an issue with vanities with double sinks. This type of vanity is good for roommates, siblings, or couples who usually share the bathroom.

The options

From modern and minimalist to a rustic or traditional farmhouse, bathroom vanities offer a great aesthetic in your bathroom. Below are the things to remember:

  • Colour and finish: Vanities are usually made of metal, glass, or wood and different colours. Black and white vanities are the popular choices, light oak, grey, rich espresso, and navy.
  • Size: A single vanity is the best option for small bathrooms. However, for bigger bathrooms, the homeowner can either have a larger vanity or two smaller vanities.
  • Storage: The storage of the vanity depends on the type of bathroom it will be installed. For bathrooms that will be used every day, a vanity with ample storage is the best choice.

These are some of the top factors to consider when buying a bathroom vanity to ensure its everyday functionality and accessibility without sacrificing the bathroom’s aesthetic and space.

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