Balloons decorating trends 2022: best colors and solutions

No one can stay sad holding a balloon! Balloons are always in trend, at every party, but the trends change every year. Therefore, designers come up with more and more options, amazing us with fresh ideas!

Transparent “bubbles” with feathers inside — or shiny mylar foil balloons like these ones Giant chrome balloons — or fairy led balloons?

We’ve picked up the latest trendy Instagram balloon ideas from all over the world and now we’re dying to share them with you!

1. Bubbles

These huge transparent balloons resemble giant soap bubbles. Excellent quality allows them to not deflate for more than 2 weeks!

Such a balloon can be filled with beautiful feathers or sparkles, confetti, and even small toys, and you can easily make an inscription on it. Most often, bubbles are used to decorate photo backdrops and children’s birthday parties, although they often act as a pleasant addition to the main gift or can simply help you to decorate the interior of a celebration.

2. Photo zones

With the help of balloons, you can easily create abstract compositions and large-scale art objects.

Usually, people decorate photo zones with huge balloons (23-35”), decorated with confetti, sparkles, beautiful “tails” or filled with smaller balloons.

Magnificent arches, garlands, and spherical columns are especially popular; quite often, people create beautiful, Instagram-worthy balloon backdrops, combining balloons with fabrics, live or artificial flowers, creating real themed locations at events.

3. Balloon Arch

If you’re looking for a unique and fun activity, try to visit a balloon arch in Tampa. These are made from large balloons that have been attached at either end by a thin wire. When the wind picks up, the balloons start to rise and the wire stretches. As the balloons get higher and closer to each other, they begin to stretch, even more, creating an amazing arch shape. If you’re lucky enough to visit one during sunrise or sunset, you’ll be in for a really special experience.

4. Balloons with inscriptions

People love balloons with funny inscriptions or touching wishes. There are many design options, but one of the most popular solutions is a black balloon with a white inscription.

Balloons with individual inscriptions are an appropriate and original addition to any holiday, celebration, or gift.

5. Balloon garlands

Balloon garlands do not have a clear shape and can consist of balloons of different sizes. Usually, a garland is created from standard and giant latex balloons, foil balloons; often, “bubbles” with confetti or sparkles inside are added to the composition.

The trick of this design idea is that the garland does not have a specific concept: it all depends on the theme and color scheme of the holiday, as well as your imagination.

6. Glowing balloons

It’s such a perfect way to add a touch of ethereal illumination (without the extra cost of rented uplights or string lights)! There are two options: balloons with a flashlight inside or with LEDs that mesh covering the balloon. Both options look spectacular!

Depending on which LED element is included in the kit, the glow can be constant or flickering.

7. Chrome balloons

Made from Qualatex, these mirror-shine balloons really turn heads and help to create eye-catching decorations!

Qualatex Chrome balloons come in many wonderful colors — blue, purple, green, mauve, gold, silver. Also, they are much softer than regular latex balloons: it makes it easier to manipulate them.

8. Color trends

Pastels aren’t new, but they’re experiencing a quite different take on the overall trend with an amazing dusty-pastels color palette with muted powdery shades. Neon is another trend that is at its peak of popularity.

Bold colors are another trend that is on tap now: reds, oranges, bright blues, blue-greens, magenta purple, and hot pinks… There’s also a great demand for iridescent, terrazzo, matte-finished, animal print, tie-dye, marble, and 80’s pop-art style balloons.

9. Brilliant ideas are always around the corner

As you can see, some trends have remained relevant since 2020, and some have just gained popularity! But trends are just a direction: feel free to experiment with different types of balloons, sizes, and colors to make your party look really unique!