Baby Time? Here Are Some Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower and you have no idea where to start? You can start by picking a theme then the rest will just fall into place. Having a baby is both exciting and scar

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So is planning a baby shower. There are many fun and exciting themes for you to choose from. Here are 8 theme ideas you can use for your baby shower.

1. Nautical themed baby shower

You are about to set sail on a new adventure. It’s almost time for you to meet the newest member of your crew. What better way to celebrate this new adventure than with a nautical themed baby shower.

This theme puts a spin on that old-fashioned blue baby shower that is played out. Invite your friends and family with invitations that look like a cute little sailor’s uniform. When your guests arrive they should feel like they are really at sea. Use blue and white to decorate. Also, your décor should include anchors, fishing nets, and anything else that goes with the theme. Your guests will be impressed.

2. A Royal baby shower

What better way to welcome your little prince into the world than with a baby shower fit for royalty? Give yourself and your guests a royal experience with this theme. This is a great way to escape the typical blue theme for boys and do something unique.

You can use a white backdrop or soft blue for the invitations. Use gold for the details and add a crown at the top for that extra touch. Have your guests enter the venue completed with gold, white, and blue décor. You can even provide royal props such as crowns, jewelry, and scepters that your guests can take pictures with.

3. Cowboy theme

Say “Howdy” to your little guy with a cowboy-themed baby shower. This is one of those themes that you can have a lot of fun with decorations and props.

Use invitations with a wood-like texture or opt for a handkerchief design that will let your guests know a little cowboy is on the way. Your decorations should have your guests feeling like they’re in the wild West. Also, use bales of hay and rocking or stick horses to transform your venue into a ranch. You and your guests can even dress up in cowboy outfits. It’ll be fun.

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4. Tea party

You may be in the mood for a baby shower that’s quaint and cute. Well, a tea party is an excellent theme. Create a picturesque scene with dainty tea settings and delicate decorations.

Send your guests soft pink invitations with a nice floral border. Your décor must be suitable for the theme. Along with tea party china, your tables should have a tiered stand with sandwiches and other treats at the center. Complete the look with soft colors to match the theme.

5. Disney princess theme

Welcome your little princess into the world with a princess themed baby shower. Disney princesses are more than likely going to be some of her favorite characters during her childhood. So, you might as well get into it from now.

Let your guests know that a royal night awaits with invitations shaped like ball gowns. You are free to decorate with whatever colors you choose, it doesn’t have to be pink. Just add a touch of gold to give that royal feel. You can choose to use a crown or carriage as a cake topper that will leave your guests in awe. Many sites offer customized Cake toppers for baby shower.

6. Unicorn Utopia

Create a magical experience for yourself and guests with a unicorn-themed baby shower. You all will enjoy this fairytale event.

Pastel colors are perfect for this theme with a pop of gold for that magical effect. You can use unicorns as centerpieces and wall decorations. You can find these online. Complete your dessert table with an assortment of colorful pastries.

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7. Twinkle little star

Nursery rhymes make great baby shower themes. Welcome your little superstar into the world with a starry night themed baby shower.

Send your guests star-shaped invitations. Use moons and stars to decorate the venue. Use blue, white and gold to complete the look. Your guests will love this celestial shower and so will you.

8. Buzzy bee

You’ve been buzzing about the baby, so get out the black and yellow and get ready to celebrate with a bee-themed shower. Let your guests know you’re adding to your hive with your bee-shaped invitations.

Use soft shades of yellow and a bit of black to decorate your venue. You can use sunflowers in honey jars as your centerpieces. Serve lemonade and mimosas to go with your theme. Complete the décor with bees buzzing about by attaching little bee figures to paper lanterns in the ceiling.

Choosing the right theme for your baby shower can be hard. Take the time to find the best theme for you. There are many unique themes to choose from that are fun and exciting. So, choose the one that will suit you best and that your guests will enjoy.

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