Availability of CBD in the UK

While many countries around the world legalized the use of CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants, it is still relatively hard to find CBD products online or in physical stores. One of the few countries where CBD products are scarce is the United Kingdom, hence the reason why many CBD users would often be forced to import items, which can be quite expensive due to shipping costs. Here is a guide on the availability of CBD in the UK to know more about the legality and regulations of CBD in the country.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, CBD is considered legal to use, although the CBD products that is sold in the country should follow certain rules in regards to its dosage and ingredients for them to be legal. There are many CBD products sold in the UK that may not follow the law of the country, so be wary of those products and don’t buy them from sketchy sellers. Instead, you should buy CBD products on trusted sellers and shops that have applied a permit to legally sell CBD and other cannabis products.

THC, an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical naturally found in cannabis plants that would sometimes have psychological side effects when larger amounts of it are taken. Because of the harmful side effects of THC, many countries, including the United Kingdom, have set a requirement that only allows a small amount of THC in CBD products. In the UK, the legal amount of THC is 0.2% or lower. You can opt to get the full spectrum CBD product that has THC in it, or you can get a CBD isolate or broad spectrum product if you don’t want THC.

Can You Take CBD Oil in the UK?

Since the selling of CBD oil is legal in the UK, it is soft to say that using or taking the product is also legal in the country. There are many types of CBD products that are sold in physical stores in the UK, and these stores would comply with the standards that are created by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). By complying with the regulations of the country, these stores are required to sell products with legal THC and CBD content, which is great since they are offering a much safer alternative in taking CBD products.

In the UK, the recommended amount of CBD that should be taken per day is 70 milligrams, although there are exceptions depending on the doctor’s recommendation if you are taking CBD UK for medicinal purposes. To make sure that the CBD product that you are going to buy has the legal dosage and ingredients, always check the packaging for more information regarding the product. The packaging of the CBD product would usually tell you all you need to know about it, including its ingredients, its weight, and recommended serving size.

Can You Take Your CBD Product Outside the UK?

It is legal to take your CBD product almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, but it is not recommended to actually bring it outside the country. If you want to take a CBD product in a domestic flight, you must first contact the provider of the flight and ask if medicinal or recreational CBD is allowed to be brought inside the luggage. Because there have been many laws regarding the illegality of bringing liquids in luggage, it can be assumed that liquid CBD products like tinctures is not allowed inside a plane. There are some flight providers that would allow only 100 milliliters of liquid for hand luggage, so you are safe to bring smaller CBD products with you.

There are exceptions in bringing CBD products for international flights, as some countries would allow medicinal CBD to be on one’s hand luggage depending on its amount. However, there are several countries that strictly prohibit the use of CBD in their country, so there might be a chance that you can detained or arrested for bringing CBD products in their area. To prevent this, do some research about the legality of CBD in the country that you plan to go to know if it is legal to bring CBD with you. Bringing CBD products without any knowledge of the country’s laws would have dire consequences.

Those are several details that you need to know about the availability and legality of CBD in the UK. By reading the guide, you will see that CBD products like capsules and tinctures are legal in the country, but you would need to be more knowledgeable in the legal content and dosage of CBD in order to follow UK’s rules and regulations regarding the product. Be sure to study and research more about CBD in the United Kingdom so that you won’t get into trouble by taking the cannabis extract.