Aspects that you should not miss out on during kitchen remodeling


Maintaining a clutter-free kitchen increases the joy of working in the kitchen for a long time, while the place can also serve as the central piece of the home design. Gone are the days when the functionality of kitchens was more important than aesthetics. Today’s kitchens must be the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality so that it is no more the cooking place that granny used many decades ago. Having a beautiful and fully functional kitchen not only makes the homeowner proud but it adds much value to the property.  If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen to upgrade it into one of the central places of your home, then talk to the professionals of Norcross Kitchen Remodeling who can guide you in creating the dream kitchen for you.

Their tips should help you avoid the following mistakes that commonly occur during a kitchen renovation.

Keep the kitchen triangle-free from obstructions

Most kitchen activities occur around the kitchen triangle consisting of the fridge, stove, and sink.  The kitchen triangle is at the kitchen’s heart and primarily responsible for ensuring smooth working that saves time. When designing the kitchen triangle, maintain the recommended distances to provide easy access to all equipment. In addition, the position and the distances between the equipment should ensure smooth movement within the triangle.

Since the sink needs plumbing support, fix its position first and then place the stove and the fridge that form the other vertices of the triangle. You can be flexible in placing the fridge and stove but not the sink.

Minimize wasted storage space

The biggest problem in kitchen design is to minimize wasted storage space.  You must make the best use of the available storage space with smart kitchen planning. Cabinets are expensive, and you must choose the appropriate design so that they can accommodate your belongings while making them easily accessible when you need them. Installing extra-long upper cabinets with moldings in small kitchens, especially over the refrigerator, effectively utilizes the space.  Installing shelves across the back of the lower kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to create extra storage space.

 Have enough countertop space

Besides optimal placement of the kitchen triangle, another aspect that is important to ensure better kitchen efficiency is arranging for enough countertop space where most of the activities occur. Think carefully before placing equipment and cabinets in the vicinity of the countertop so that there is enough horizontal open space that allows free movement. Again, consider the shape of your kitchen, which can often limit your options.

Do not omit the backsplash

When creating the list of items to include in your kitchen remodel list, many people often ignore or forget about the backsplash, which might seem innocuous yet quite important to maintain a clean kitchen environment. Installing the backsplash with kitchen tiles adds an element of décor while making it easy to clean the area with a wet piece of cloth.

Clean kitchens help to maintain proper hygiene, without which a kitchen can turn into a health hazard.


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