Are Succulent Seeds Any Good?


The first illustration of a succulent, “Kalanchoe citrina,” was discovered in 1989 on the walls of the great temple of Thutmosis III (1501 – 1447 BC) in Karnak, Egypt. This Egyptian king was known and remembered as a great military explorer, especially in neighboring Syria. In the 17 expeditions he made, he brought Egypt many specimens of new animals and plants looted in his travels. So his temple near Luxor is full of illustrations.

Many of them, without identification, could have been stylized or costumed, but others were perfectly identifiable. Among them,”Kalanchoe citrina.” Probably Karnak was the first Botanical Garden in the world, and the responsible gardener was called Nekht. His tomb was discovered at Thebes. Succulents were only recognized as a separate group in the seventeenth century. Carbon dating shows, in fossils of succulents found, that the oldest species are 24,000 years old.

Are succulent seeds any good?

Of course, Succulent seeds are such unique seeds than other plants. Some of them are rare species, and you can’t find them here and there. Succulent seeds are so good because their seeds cannot waste easily. Succulent seeds are so durable, and their plants are so adorable. 

If you ever have seen a succulent seed before, I think you know how they look and how strong they are. I am saying succulent seeds well because when you plant them, they will rise within 20 days, and if you plant 10 seeds, all of them will rise, and there are no chances to waste your seeds.

How long does it take for a succulent seed to grow?

It takes about 20 days for the seedlings to be rooted and suitable for planting in the individual pot. After this period, wet the sand or with a knife, fluff the sand around the seedling and pull lightly so that it comes out with roots.

How to assemble a pot of succulent plants?

  • Select the vase. Choose a pot that is not too shallow so that the root can grow
  • Drainage. With the chosen vessel, fill the bottom of the container with stones
  • Earth. Cacti and succulents should be planted with a mixture of good soil, substrate, and sand
  • Planting
  • Decoration
  • Maintenance

How to make the succulents look beautiful?

And to water, just water the soil. Prevent water from falling on the leaves as they can rot. You can check if your succulent requires water as follows: place a toothpick in the soil, or even your finger. If the soil is light, loose, and dry, the water is welcome.

Why do succulents wither?

If you notice that a succulent plant is wilting, increase the amount of water. Important: the water must be directed to the land, never to the leaves. If the succulent becomes pale and thin, it is because it is not receiving the necessary amount of light.

Succulents caring tips

If you want to have a beautiful garden but demand little space and time, we have the perfect solution for you: succulents. They are beautiful, super easy to grow. They are so versatile that they can be used in many different types of decorations. Whether in green frames or in pots scattered around the house, they will bring a unique charm to the environment.

And there is just one fundamental characteristic: they are plants that can live well indoors. In addition to consuming little water, there is an immense variety of species that present the most diverse types of colors, shapes, and textures.

  • Lighting
  • Watering
  • Assembly of the pot and planting
  • Compost and fertilizers
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