Are Stance Sport Coilovers Better Than Lowering Springs?


Anyone who’s looking to lower their ride will know that there are certain benefits to doing so, not least being the fact that it can significantly improve the handling and aesthetics of your car. That said, there is more than way to do it, which then raises the obvious question of – are Stance sport coilovers better than lowering springs?

Well, the answer to that question rests firmly on what you’re trying to achieve, what your budget is and how much flexibility you’d like to enjoy once your new kit is installed. That’s what we look at in this blog, as we provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when deciding between the two.

So, What Exactly do Lowering Springs Offer?

When compared to Stance sport coilovers, lowering springs are at the economy end of the scale, however, they offer much in terms of handling and looks. They’re typically compatible with existing auto parts, are easy to install and as their spring rates are preset, there’s no requirement for adjustment after they’re fitted. They do the job well but in a basic, immutable way.

What you don’t get with lowering springs is an ability to set a custom height as they’re pre-set and not able to be lowered or raised. It’s not an issue for some people, but to others, it’s an unacceptable restriction that curtails what they want to do with their car.

And What do Stance Sport Coilovers Provide?

Coilovers come at a much higher price than lowering springs, but you do get to see where those extra dollars have gone soon enough. Not only do you get firmer spring rates than with lowering springs, but you get real flexibility with what can be adjusted. Stance sport coilovers allow you to adjust your ride height, as well as your damper settings and rebound settings, as and when you want to.

You also get more flexibility in terms of being able to swap out parts, with different components like perches, pillow ball top mounts and springs able to be replaced. All things considered, you get a higher quality product with much more in the way of whistles and bells!

Stance Sport Coilovers Are Better – For Some

If you want the flexibility that’s provided by Stance sport coilovers, then they’re definitely the best option for you and your car. However, if you just want to lower your ride and you don’t want to be able to adjust the various settings on your suspension, then lowering springs offer a cost-effective way to get the job done. The right one for you might not be the right one for someone else.

If you would like a great place to source your auto suspension parts, then we’d recommend taking a look at Springrates. They’re a specialist company that only deals with suspension and their prices are very competitive too. Check out their website if you’d like to see for yourself.

We hope you have found this blog helpful in differentiating between the two options. Having a lower budget to work with shouldn’t stop you improving your ride’s performance and looks – it’s just that you don’t get the same adjustability.

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