Are Aluminium Bifold doors better than uPVC?


When selecting the doors for your home, you’re likely to be bombarded with a ton of options. This could paralyze the decision-making process. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing the research before you decide on the exterior doors to go for. If you settle on bifold doors, you’ll need to figure out the materials to go. There are two main options to choose from and that is aluminium and uPVC. The decision on the choice of material will depend on a couple of factors. Sometimes it could water down to the choice and preferences.


Most people will start by looking at the price when comparing products. As much as it’s an important consideration, it shouldn’t be the only focus. If you’re on a tight budget, uPVC is going to be the best option as it is almost half the price and you still get some benefits. Don’t look at the short-term when making the decision on the material. Aluminium tends to last longer because of its durability. You can check out aluminium bifold doors at Doorwins website if you’re looking for a wide variety of options to choose from. You might end up spending a lot more on repairs and maintenance in the long term when you decide to go for uPVC bifold doors.


The general appearance of your home will also dictate the choice of material to buy. When it comes to aesthetics, aluminium has a big advantage over uPVC because of the versatility that it provides. It’s highly customizable with different colors and finishes. It also has thinner frames that make it possible to accommodate more glass. This allows for more light to come into the interior spaces of your home. With uPVC, there are fewer options when it comes to customizations primarily because of the large frames.

Strength and Security

Aluminium is metal while uPVC is made from plastic.  As a homeowner, you’ll want to feel secure at all times. Since the bifold door is likely to be situated at the rear of the house, it’s imperative that you’re going for an impenetrable solution and that is why aluminium comes highly recommended.  The frames should be strong enough to support the panels. Aluminium is able to support the glass even when the frames are thinner because of the strength. If you want to buy first-class Concertina Doors Brisbane, visit the link.

Thermal Efficiency

This is one of the few areas where uPVC will excel compared to aluminium. The reason why aluminium is not good with thermal efficiency is that it is a highly conductive material.  Heat passes through the material with relative ease thus making it bad at keeping heat. There have been technological advancements over the years to match aluminium with uPVC when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Shape and Layout Flexibility

Aluminium is not only strong but offers flexibility when it comes to shape and layout. It is easy to customize the doors according to your specifications.  You just need to make sure that you’re buying the materials from a reputable supplier and working with an experienced contractor for the installation. Aluminium will make the most out of any space or view.

Frames Finishing and Windows

It’s possible for the aluminium frames to be finished in such a way that they complement the windows in your home. This is made possible because of the range of finishes that are available for aluminium.


As we mentioned early, uPVC will require more maintenance compared to aluminium doors. Even both materials are durable, aluminium tends to have a longer lifespan with little maintenance. You can powder-coat the finish so as to eliminate the need for repainting regularly. The aluminium bifold doors can also be coated with weather-resistance finishing so as to provide protection from the elements. uPVC doesn’t age well and could be an eyesore with prolonged exposure to the sun.

To Conclude

As much as aluminium might appear to be the best solution, there will be a couple of variables that come in the way of decision-making. It will not be a bad decision to settle for either of the two options. You’ll need to figure where to buy windows and doors from. There are tons of stores that have made it possible to buy online. This makes it easy to do a price comparison. Make sure to research the store that you’ll be buying from and the kind of products that they provide. For those that are looking to go all out with the bifold doors, aluminium will be an excellent choice.



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