What Brand Of Paint Do Professional Painters Use?

If you are interested in delivering the absolute best interior and exterior painting jobs, then you need to choose the best paint brands that are common among professional painters in Tacoma.

Getting the best of your fresh coat of paint means that you are choosing not only the best paint brands but also the best painting professionals to get the job done.

However, whether you are a property owner who is interested in choosing the best paint brand or you are a professional painter looking to add a feel of luxury to the next painting project you handle, below are some of the top paint brands recommended for a professional finish.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a paint production company that has been around since 1883. The company, American owned and operated has become one of the leading brands in terms of quality and finishes.

Rest assured that if you need to add that special feel to homes this year, Benjamin Moore’s line of paints is the best option for you. When in search of this paint, please note that you won’t readily find them in the regular retail stores, not even in big chains. Instead, visit independently-owned stores and brand retailers.


One of the popular brands that have contributed to the artistic craftsmanship of many professional painters over the years is the Sherwin-Williams line of paints. One thing that stands this paint brand out is the extensive range of color options that are available to choose from. Having been named the best-selling paint brand before, you are sure to find just the perfect color and shade for your needs.


Pro painters who are interested in making a statement choose the Dunn-Edwards paint as their go-to option. Formerly focused on the Los Angeles market, this paint production company is beginning to expand its product across the nation and one thing is common among all painters, the sheer willingness to adopt this new paint into their list of go-to options for a nice finish.

As the company gradually expands its coverage across the nation, you may find that the products are not readily available in your location but one thing is sure, the outcome is worth any extra stress incurred.


When you are looking to make a statement while also staying within your budget, there is only one option to go for and that is Behr. Behr has been around for many years and its availability makes it a top choice for many professional painters. Looking to purchase a Behr paint? Walk into a local Home Depot for a gallon of flat finish as you shop for other tools to get the project started.

Farrow & Ball

If you are interested in a paint option that keeps you interested in your walls and surfaces for years to come, then you should opt for the timeless finish offered by the Farrow & Ball line of paints. Surely, this paint manufacturer has worked its way into the hearts of many pro painters over the years by leveraging shine, sheen, color richness, and quality of adhesion.

To get this paint brand, you may have to budget a little over the regular paint prices as it costs higher per gallon. Farrow & Ball has an extensive range of colors to choose from, however, most of these colors are based on historic palettes and this means that, although you may not get some of the latest color hues, you are guaranteed a longer-lasting hue from the available color options.

Before using this paint on the walls, it is recommended that you first test it on the walls so that you can get a feel of the richness and complexity that the paint offers. You may also find that you are amazed by the color changes as light shifts from one angle to the other.


There are other paints and there is Clare. Clare is the perfect option for DIY enthusiasts and pro painters who are overwhelmed by the seemingly unending options of color palettes. When you are interested in a seamless process that lets you pick a hue of choice without hassles, Clare is the option to choose.

Clare delivers directly to your doorstep and also makes the paint to your color specification. Do away with the hassles of walking down the paint section aisle with Clare.

Little Green Paint & Paper

All of the paints offered by Little Green Paint & Paper are low-VOC and oil paints. If you are interested in a Low-VOC paint that is sophisticated and rich in color, this is the perfect option for you.