Appliance Service Tips: How To Know If You Need Appliance Repair Or To Buy New Appliances


Every homeowner at some point faces the question of whether they should repair broken appliances or simply buy new ones to replace them. However, no need to worry if you opt to bring your broken appliances to Good Old Appliance Service Center as they got expert professionals with proven track records of repairing any damaged appliances in no time. While repairing broken appliances can provide a great way to save money by not throwing away the appliances, it’s also important to ensure the cost of appliance repair remains reasonable. So it’s important to understand the various considerations that need to be made for making those important decisions. And, of course, you must only hire a trusted repair company with undisputed integrity of providing the best Appliance Repair Seattle to ensure quality service for a reasonable cost.

The lifespan of your broken appliance

Standard refrigerators can last between 10 to 18 years, washing machines between 8 to 16 years, electric ranges 13 to 20, gas ranges 15 to 23, gas dryers 11 to 16, dishwashers 9 to 16, and so on. Generally, appliances with more electrical components tend to have shorter lifespans. While people say appliances no longer last as long as they used to do, it’s largely because the latest models of appliances usually contain more electrical components and features than ever before. Since the lifespans of appliances have drastically reduced, that means most people are more likely to replace the appliances sooner than they used to. Once you repair a broken appliance for the first time, doing it for the second time requires serious considerations because the appliance could be as well nearing the end of its lifespan. The easiest way to decide on this is, if the appliance is already 50% beyond its expected lifespan then the best option is most likely to replace rather than repair it.

Brand or model of the appliance is no longer manufactured

Antique, vintage, retro appliances or any type of appliances or appliance models that are no longer manufactured do not qualify for the regular appliance repair service. If you have an appliance that falls into such categories, you are most likely going to end up buying a new appliance. Major appliance models that have been discontinued and are no longer manufactured are not likely going to be attractive to most appliance repair service providers unless they specialize in doing that. Even if you would find an appliance repairman willing to fix such appliances, the costs of doing so will be too high and probably only worth being considered for retro style kitchen appliance decor design purposes. Most appliance technicians will not want to fix appliances that are no longer in the market because the parts required to do the repairs will also likely not be available.

When your appliance is under warranty

Appliances in most cases will remain under warranty only within the first year after purchasing them. People buy extended warranties that apply beyond the first year but most appliance service experts do not often recommend buying them. If your appliance breaks down and is still not more than a year old, what you need to do is to call the manufacturer because your warranty will take care of the cost of repair that may be required. If there’s a major problem with the appliance, the manufacturer can also give you a brand new appliance to replace it. Most appliance repair service companies do not work on appliances under warranty unless the manufacturer has certified them to do so.

The estimated cost of appliance repair

For a broken appliance, when you call an appliance repair service to come and fix it, they really don’t know how much it costs exactly to fix it until they first check it and diagnose the problem to know everything required to get it fixed. So when calling an appliance repairman and if you don’t know the problem with your appliance from a technical perspective, you want them to come and check it first. When a repairman does the diagnosis of an appliance problem, they are supposed to explain everything to you including the parts that are needed and the cost of their labor to fix it. If they determine the cost of repair to be too high, they can advise you to buy a new appliance instead, and in most cases will only require you to pay the service call fee for having them visit your home to check your appliance. Even if they don’t advise you to do so, you are the one to approve any repairs to be done on the appliance. If the cost of repair is beyond 50% the price of a new appliance, the best option should be to buy a new appliance to replace it.

Small and cheap countertop appliances

Mini refrigerators, some microwaves, and ice makers fall into the category of small appliances. These are generally the countertop and stand-alone type of small appliances which are cheap to buy compared to the cost of repairing them. So if your broken appliance falls into that category, the best decision would be to buy a new one instead of having an appliance repairman come to fix it.

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