Amazon Launches Echo Dot Only In $50

Echo Dot By Amazon

Amazon has been producing a lot many innovative technology gadgets in the recent past and “Echo Dot” is one of them. Actually, this small yet powerful Echo dot has changed the way we operate digital devices. It is totally based on the concept of automation as echo dot has been designed to be operated with voice only.

You won’t have to use your hands, there is a speaker in this voice controlled device not only this but you can also make the connection of your echo dot with the speakers and the headphones via Bluetooth (if you want to use a cable then you can through 3.5mm audio cable).

Echo dot actually gives you all sort of facilities like you can hear whatever music you want and listen to the book or news, get weather updates and many more. This directly connects you to the Alexa Voice Service to do everything instantly. The use of this Echo dot is really easy as all you have to do is to say out Alexa (this is a wake-up call to Echo dot) and after that, you can say whatever you want your Echo dot to do.


The Updated Version of Echo Dot

There is no doubt in this that Echo dot has been the number 1 best seller by Amazon in the market and now it is going to release its new version on 20 October 2016. This is All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) which has got plenty to offer you. Many things have been added to this 2nd generation Echo dot while most of the key features remain the same. It is totally hands free, voice controlled device and you rely on Alexa to do everything for you from reading books to ordering pizza.

There are actually different configurations available with this Echo Dot as it also comes with “Philips Hue Starter Kit” or “TP-link smart plug” and these complimentary things make Echo dot more efficient. You can easily connect your Echo Dot with the speakers or headphones through your Bluetooth or you can also use 3.55mm stereo cable to play music from different places.

Another great feature of the Echo dot is that it gives you the complete control over your home appliances as you can easily control lights, fans, switches through this. Echo Dot compatible devices like WeMo, Philips Hue or other Samsung smart things, ecobee will give you the complete smart home environment.

How to Operate This?

Well, Amazon surely takes care about every aspect of our lives and just because of that the control of this Echo Dot has been really made simple and yet powerful enough not to be interrupted by other things. There are 7 far-field microphones which you can fix anywhere away from the device and can say anything to it and it will respond. The function of this Echo dot has been made such as to give you the best possible results even in a noisy atmosphere.

Unique Features of Echo Dot

Without any doubt this device is completely a revolution in tech industry and this is not just because it will play music or read book for you but there are other reasons too. You can also use it as a smart alarm clock in your bedroom or it can be used in kitchen as well to help you in time management. Not only this but it offers services like Uber or if you want to order something then domino will be there at your doorstep after a while. Keeping in view all these features this has truly changed the life of a common person.

Common Commands to Echo Dot

You can do a lot of things as described above but let’s get into some of the real commands which you can use for sure and Echo Dot will respond to those accordingly. For instance, you want to eat Mexican food and fortunately, you have got Echo dot with you so you just have to say “Alexa, find me a Mexican restaurant”. That’s just an example to show you that how much friendly this Echo dot is.

You can also ask it weather of any city like “Alexa, what’s the weather in New Jersey” (never forget to say Alexa as it works like a wake-up call for your Echo Dot). You don’t need to really worry about how your Echo Dot listens to your voice because it has been made really efficient to do this job. And if you have got multiple Echo dot in one place even then by using ESP technology it will be able to track your voice and get the job done for you. This is advised to try different commands on your Echo Dot as it has the adaptive capabilities and it can learn from its own experiences.

Where Can You Use It?

The good news for you is that it can be used anywhere for any room in your home. The design of Echo Dot makes it really easy to place anywhere you want to as it has got built-in speaker; it can hear anything you say quite easily no matter you are in the kitchen or in your bedroom setting your morning alarm. The Bluetooth connectivity of Echo Dot makes it really simple to do the connection every part of your home so you should not worry about where to use it.


This has truly been the exciting device and right now you just have to wait weeks as the second generation Echo Dot is soon going to be released on 20th of October 2016. This device will surely change your lifestyle in a positive way and you will be feeling assistance in every part of your daily life. There is no compromise on the reliability of this device and the response from the customers is overwhelming. You can place your order on Amazon and get this gadget as soon as it is released.