Amazing Facts You Should Know About Using Power Tools


Power tools make life bearable. They have transformed the world from the ancient and primitive ways of executing tasks to efficient ones. The right collection of modern tools can improve your working efficiency, whether your career involves using tools or having a DIY job. 

Power tools have been in existence since 1895

The idea of tools started in ancient Egypt when they invented the hand-powered lathe. In 1895, C & E Fein Company created a more improved tool, a drill that was driven by both electric and manual power. The drill was the first-ever power tool in history. However, the drill was less efficient since it was heavy and very slow. The shortfalls of the C & E Fein’s drill attracted Duncan Black (USA), who improved it using the colt.45 automatic pistol design in 1910. The improved drill was more powerful and lighter than the original version. More inventions followed in 1916, which were aimed at increasing operating efficiency and safety. The most efficient tool was made in 1957 when Bosch invented the first power tool with a plastic casing. More useful tools were developed in 1960 and years beyond, giving rise to modern appliances in the market today.

Power tools use electricity, battery or cords

Power tools have different power sources. The source of energy for a particular device may depend on whether it is stationary or portable. An electric motor propels modern stationary tools. However, some people still own traditional instruments powered by sources such as steam, windmills, and water wheels.

Portable electric tools may either be powered by battery or corded. Some mobile devices like paint sprayers and nailers use compressed air as their power source while the power actuated tools use explosive cartridges. The free tools like chainsaws, miter saw, and string trimmers use gasoline or a mix of oil and gasoline. 

Power Tools are Efficient

Modern power tools have unique characteristics that increase their working efficiency. Examples of such features include: 

  • Method of propulsion – unlike the hand tools, the power tools are powered by an additional power source other than the manual efforts. The power mechanism may include electric motors, combustion engines, compressed air, and gasoline. As such, you can use the power tools to execute various tasks without getting fatigued.
  • Safety features – most power tools have plastic casings. Therefore, the user is usually protected from the risk of electric shock. Additionally, their purchase package is typically inclusive of safety gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles to protect the users.
  • Precision – with power tools like a miter saw and rounded saw – you can achieve the desired work results more precisely. 

As you can see, the right power tools can help you make the desired model and produce more output with less effort.

Power Tools are Convenient

The following features make power tools more comfortable than most hand tools

  • Mobility – some power tools are portable. You can carry your battery-powered or gasoline-powered tools if you are working outdoors where electric power is not reliable.  
  • Speed-unlike the hand tools, most power tools have the option for adjusting speed. You can opt to operate at a higher rate and get the task done within a short time. The fast execution of tasks will spare you some time to tackle your other responsibilities.   
  • Power – Nothing can stop you from continuing with your operations if your tool kit has the right tools. If you wanted to make holes in wood or pieces of metal, you would only need to use the relevant power drill to do the task. 
  • Cost – If you are a DIY lover, you won’t have to wait or supervise the servicing officer to make the home improvements. Instead, you will buy the required spare parts in the market and fix them using your DIY tools. The DIY operation will save you a significant amount of money.

Power tools are convenient

We cannot underestimate the importance of power tools in our lives. The fact that we use them regularly makes them more important. For your convenience and efficiency, find the best power tools for your home, and get them. Understand how to use them, keep them, and maintain them. However, be warned that poor usage practices may expose you to danger. Ensure you follow the right guidelines to enjoy the most out of power tools.

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